10 Best Wooden Train Sets for Your Child 2024 – Having Fun With a Good Toy

The best wooden train sets remain one of the leading toys alongside miniature and model trains. Kids like altering the pieces and tracks, creating different designs to run the train and cars on. The wood train set accessories also make the experience more exciting by making the atmosphere realistic.

If you are new to purchasing a wooden track train set, there are some essential features you should look for. Here are three of them:

  • Age: How old is your child? Many toys come with a recommended age, and these are not only for decoration. It is necessary to consider these to find a suitable toy that can offer the best experience.
  • Safety: Look for any sharp edges or corners that are often seen on poorly made wooden toys. It would be best if you avoided these at all costs since they can cause injury. Safety is crucial, and it should never be overlooked, no matter the situation or preference.
  • Brand: An IKEA train set is popular because they are easily accessible and come in many varieties. The Thomas and friends wooden train set is another children’s favorite. It is crucial to consider the brand when buying a toy as it comes with the assurance of quality and performance.

Best Wooden Train Sets for Your Child

There are many wooden train sets for toddlers available in the market. It makes choosing the best one challenging. But no need to worry, we have detailed product reviews and buying guides to help you find suitable toys for your children. We also have more of the mentioned features to look for in toy wooden train sets that you can check later. Keep reading!

Top 10 Wooden Train Set Reviews

1. Tiny Conductors Wooden Train Track Set

Tiny Conductors Wooden Train Track Set


Are you still in search of the train set for your kid? Have you checked Tiny Conductors yet? You might have a chance to find something suitable for your little ones from their selection of wooden magnetic train sets.

They have this wooden train set that can unleash the inner builder in your young child. Besides, it works as a fantastic expansion set that comes with a free bonus train car. You also get exclusive and easy-to-follow instructions in building 14 train track layouts.

With the number of pieces included in this set, kids can simultaneously create a small and big figure 8 layout. There are eight adapter parts, four male and four female. That way, connecting the pieces is more effortless than ever.

All the wooden pieces in this set are made of 100% sold and premium hardwood—no glues, plastic connectors, only a single piece of wood to avoid choking hazards. In addition, this product complies with the toy safety standard. It is not only eco-friendly but also safe for kids to play with.

  • Comes with free bonuses
  • Makes two figure 8’s
  • Made of eco-friendly and premium hardwood
  • Compatible with all major train set brands
  • Magnets are in reverse


 Advantage:  The extensive test proved that it is a train set compatible with Thomas and other major brands manufacturing wooden toy railroads. But there is a minor issue; the magnets are in reverse. This makes it difficult for the child to use the tracks with trains that you can pull back.

 Disadvantage:  If you are looking for tracks to expand your toddler’s train set, this is the ideal product you can consider. You can create many layouts with the number of pieces available

2. KidKraft 17850 Waterfall Mountain Wooden Train Set

KidKraft 17850 Waterfall Mountain Wooden Train Set


A train set is suitable for hands-on play. But with many toy trains sold, finding the right one for your toddler can be a real challenge. Check out KidKraft and their wooden train sets and tables.

It is a detailed train set and table made of wood featuring colorful illustrations that can appeal to any kid. Each pack comes with 120 pieces and offers tons of different configurations. The trains are secured by magnets and can run through the mountain village. The colors and design are vivid, encouraging a classic, imaginative play.

The sturdy and innovative construction is designed especially for toddlers. The pieces are big enough to fit their tiny hands, making it easier to assemble the tracks. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the railways chipping with its T-molded edges.

There are multiple play areas once the whole setup is in place. It includes an airport runway, suspension bridge, a helicopter landing pad, and more. Another fantastic feature of this product is the working crane that can lift and lower blocks. This means more play opportunities and no dull minutes playing with this train set.

With the three red bins located under the table, clean-up is effortless. You can use these for more organized storage of the pieces. Slide the bins back after to clear the space for free play.

  • Colorful illustrations
  • Sturdy and smart construction
  • Multiple play areas
  • Easy clean-up
  • The tracks and roads don’t match up sometimes


 Advantage:  The only problem I have observed with this train set is that the tracks and roads sometimes don’t match up nicely. There are track pieces design, making it challenging to follow the configuration on the board.

 Disadvantage:  This toy train set can provide hours of entertaining play for any kid. They can switch between multiple play areas when they get bored with one.

3. Orbrium Toys ORBTS300 Deluxe Wooden Train Set

Orbrium Toys ORBTS300 Deluxe Wooden Train Set


A wooden train set sounds like a good gift for a child. If you plan to set out for the perfect toy, don’t forget to browse through Orbrium Toys’ selection of incredible toy trains.

You can get this fun and engaging train set with each pack containing 52 pieces of wooden parts. It includes wooden tracks, figurines, hopper car, buildings, engine, passenger coach, road signs, trees, and more. You also get a scenic background which works excellent for illustration purposes.

The track set features three destinations. Children can run the train through the tracks passing through the bridge, stopping at a crossing, or the station to pick up passengers. Besides, you can also rearrange the layout into nine different plans.

Adding this product to your existing set is a good way to expand your child’s wooden train set. In detail, it is compatible with most major brands like Brio, Chuggington, Thomas, and more.

  • Fun and engaging
  • Features three destinations
  • Has nine different layout plans
  • Ideal for expansion
  • Safe for kids
  • The track is asymmetrical


 Advantage:  This toy conforms to the toy safety standards set in the US and Canada. The only issue is the wood train tracks pieces are asymmetrical. It is a challenge if you plan to make other track layouts that are not from the box. In addition, it affects the bridge resulting in derailing. Either you purchase extra pieces or don’t include the bridge in the setup at all.

 Disadvantage:  Do you own a wooden train set from major railway playset brands? This wooden train set can be the perfect extension pack you need to extend playtime. You don’t only get more tracks but also more destinations and layout plans.

4. Tiny Land WT0001 Wooden Train Set for Toddler

Tiny Land WT0001 Wooden Train Set for Toddler


If you had a wooden train back during your childhood, you know very well the fun that it brings. Pass on this joy to your kids and get them a wooden train from Tiny Land.

Consider this complete train set designed especially for toddlers. It features curved and flat tracks, an engine, a bridge, people, a passenger car, hauler, scenery, and more accessories. The expandable design of this playset promotes healthy and active play for young children.

You can rest assured that this product is made of premium beech wood. It is a type of wood sturdier than pine. The craftsmanship is first-rate with hand-sanded edges to avoid any injuries. In addition, this toy train is also free of phthalates, lead, and BPA.

Another fantastic feature of this wooden train set is its versatile brand compatibility. It is manufactured and designed to work well with other famous brands selling trains. Some of these are IKEA, Brio, Thomas, and Mellisa & Doug. If you have any of their trainsets, you can use this one to expand.

When you purchase the pack, you will get a storage box. This makes cleaning up and storage easier. The package also makes the train set ideal for portable play.

  • Expandable design
  • Premium wood craftsmanship
  • Safe for kids
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Easy to store
  • Not all tracks are two-sided


 Advantage:  However, there is a minor issue that I want to point out. Not all tracks are two-sided, which makes laying tracks challenging. The longer straight railways are one-sided pieces. If you can flip over the existing paths of your train, you will find it difficult to match this.

 Disadvantage:  Nothing can beat the expandable design and versatility of this product. The craftsmanship is impressive, which makes it even more favorable for kids and parents.

5. SainSmart Jr. WOODEN337 Wooden Train Set

SainSmart Jr. WOODEN337 Wooden Train Set


Wooden toy train tracks and sets offer exciting playtime for any child. As long as you get it from a reputable brand, you are sure to have a fantastic for your toddler. Visit SainSmart Jr. for their line of toys.

This wooden train set is made with impressive and premium craftsmanship. In detail, it used 100% natural beech and birch wood. The edges are smooth to ensure that no kid will be injured while playing with the track pieces. Besides, it is painted with non-toxic and water-based paint, so there is no unpleasant smell and is completely safe for kids to play with.

The double-sided design of the tracks is not only creative but also beneficial for toddlers. There are many play patterns; let your little ones’ imagination flourish. It can aid in encouraging and developing children’s hands-on skills and creativity. They can learn numbers by counting the tracks while building a figure 8 layout. The activity is also a good bonding time for parents and kids.

When it comes to two wooden train sets, compatibility is essential. This product features universal brand compatibility. Expanding this or your existing train set is easy since it works well with most popular brands like Thomas, Mellisa & Doug, Brio, and more.

  • Premium craftsmanship
  • Non-toxic
  • Creative track design
  • Universal brand compatibility
  • The middle tier of the spiral is a bit tight


 Advantage:  The only problem I have with this product is that the middle tier of the spiral is a bit tight. It is challenging to get the trains through this area. Some kids even find it frustrating and will often skip that part.

 Disadvantage:  We love this set, and you might like it too. The creative track design stands out alongside its premium craftsmanship. You can rest assured that it is made only with the finest materials.

6. Orbrium ORB-TS-100 Triple-Loop Wooden Train Set

Orbrium ORB-TS-100 Triple-Loop Wooden Train Set


Are you looking for wooden railway sets that can spark imagination and creativity in children? How about looking into Orbrium wooden train sets? They make some of the best toys!

They have this splendidly crafted wooden train set. It consists of 100 pieces of solid wood parts. Each pack comes with a bridge, train engines, coaches, city buildings and vehicles, trees, road signs, bushes, and figurines. Kids will surely have fun putting all the accessories around the tracks.

The handiwork of the wood adds a quality to the solid premium beech wood pieces. Rest assured that you are getting durable tracks and trains. It will accompany your little ones for generations.

You can create an elegant triple loop layout with the available pieces, including the two versatile 3-way tracks. These are also useful for future expansion because it makes this product compatible with Brio Railway and Thomas Wooden Systems.

This product features 11 different layout plans. Let your toddler build and rearrange the pieces however they like. It is possible to set up six different train sets for one.

  • Complete set
  • Crafted with premium wood
  • Versatile track pieces
  • Comes with 11 different layout plans
  • No instruction manual included


 Advantage:  Everything else is great except for one minor issue. There is no instruction manual included in the package. It is a challenge to follow the layout on the photo of the box without any step-by-step guide. But it is not impossible; it just takes time and more effort than usual.

 Disadvantage:  Are you looking for a great train set made of only the best wood? You might want to check out this train set from Orbrium. It comes with versatile pieces that can create many different layouts.

7. KidKraft 17826 Bucket Top Mountain Train Set

KidKraft 17826 Bucket Top Mountain Train Set


The search for a fantastic train set is now over! Head on to KidKraft and check out their unique products that brought joy to many kids.

Consider buying this train set with a bucket top that doubles as a mountain structure. It is the focal point of the scene that creates an exciting atmosphere. You can set this up on the floor, tabletop, or on a train table if you have one. In addition, you can pair this playset with other train sets from major brands. It is compatible with wooden train sets from Thomas and Brio.

Moreover, the vehicles have magnets connecting them to the tracks. Kids can run it through different twists and turns, taking it on a fun ride around the layout. In addition, you get a runway with an airplane and helicopter. The open-ended play offers an opportunity for children to learn about different modes of transportation and enhance their imagination and creativity.

The kit comes with a convenient bucket where you can effortlessly store all the pieces. Clean-up time will conveniently pass like a breeze. But there are some minor issues I want to address. There is no instruction manual included in the package.

  • Compatible with other wooden train sets
  • Cars connect with a magnet
  • Has different modes of transportation
  • Offers open-ended play
  • Easy to store
  • No instruction manual
  • The magnets are weak


 Advantage:  Moreover, the magnets are a bit weak or probably in bad shape. The train often falls off the track and into pieces, especially when rolling down an elevated area.

 Disadvantage:  This is the perfect wooden train set for your little ones. The mountain stands tall, attracting children to play with the train track. Since it offers open-ended play, it is beneficial for growing kids.

8. Play22 6012 Wooden Train Set

Play22 6012 Wooden Train Set


If you are unsure of what toy to give to a child, go for a wooden train set. It is always the right choice, and you have many options to choose from. Start your search by browsing Play22’s collection of toys.

Aside from the 52 pieces of railways, you also get two trains as bonus gifts. This train set comes with straight and curved tracks that vary in size. There are also switch tracks for more play opportunities.

Since the tracks in this playset work well with other popular brands manufacturing train sets, you can use them for expansion. It is compatible with Chuggington Railway, Brio, and Thomas. Besides, it can fit on the majority of modern train tables sold in the market.

Rest assured that your toddler is safe from injuries and toxic substances with this product. In detail, it has undergone tests and passed all the safety requirements of CPSIA and ASTM F963. It is an assurance that all the pieces included in the pack are 100% safe for your precious ones.

Moreover, this train set is not only fun but also educational. It is an ideal way for children to learn shapes and to match one part to another. The activity can also be a great bonding time for parents and kids.

  • Comes with two train bonus
  • Compatible with several wooden train brands
  • Meets the safety requirements
  • Ideal for learning
  • Connections vary


 Advantage:  The only issue I noticed while taking a look at this product is that the connections vary. It sounds like a good thing, but there are some inconsistencies. You don’t get the best fit always, though there are times when it does.

 Disadvantage:  Are you looking for a wooden track with bonus gifts? This product comes with two trains and fun play opportunities. Toddlers will have not only good but also a worthy time learning while playing.

9. On Track USA Wooden Toy Train Tracks Set

On Track USA Wooden Toy Train Tracks Set


Wooden railway trains bring immense joy to any kids who own them. The hours of fun and learning they spend on it is what every parent wants in a toy. On Track USA has some of the best products you can consider buying.

How about this 100-piece all-in-one wooden train set? There are 38 tracks plus accessories to make an entertaining layout. Each pack comes with straight, curved, and curved switch tracks in different sizes. In addition, you will get height blocks, track vehicles, several types of bridges, people, buildings, signs, and more.

The tracks are well-matched with the majority of popular wooden train brands. It makes this a perfect expandable pack. Whether you own a train set now or are thinking of expanding your collection soon, you will find this product favorable.

This product is safety-tested and complies with ASTM F963. You can put your trust in this toy; it doesn’t contain lead that is harmful to children. All the parts are crafted using top-quality wood only. It will surely last through the years and accompany your toddler while growing up.

When you buy this train set, you also get a sturdy plastic container. It provides neat and simple storage. Cleaning up after each play is effortless, and your little ones can join you, too.

  • All in one set
  • Compatible with most major wooden train brands
  • Safety tested
  • Neat and simple storage
  • Some printings are awkward


 Advantage:  However, there is a minor issue you should know about this product. Some printings on the accessory pieces are awkward. Either they are not appropriately placed or are way off the parts. The kids don’t seem to mind, so it’s not much of a problem.

 Disadvantage:  Get this wooden train set, the perfect gift for any toddler on any occasion. It is safety-tested and has neat storage.

10. Brio 33052 Deluxe Railway Set

Brio 33052 Deluxe Railway Set


Brio train set has been around for years, and it continues to be one of the most well-loved toys. So, stop hesitating and get one for your toddler.

Take a look at this brio wooden train set. Each package comes with a variety of trains, such as freight and passenger trains. In addition, there are harbor scenes complete with bridges, stations, figures, and cranes. Anyone who loves trains will surely love having this.

If you want to enhance your toddler’s creativity, this product can help. It is designed for budding train engineers three years old and up. They can have an imaginative play and create scenarios with all the accessories in the set.

Furthermore, it can aid in the development of important skills in children. The playset is a fun opportunity to learn about a new environment. Besides, it encourages exploration and teaches them about different transportation available.

The compatibility of this train set with other railway sets makes it the perfect toy to have for a developing kid. You can expand it by combining it with other Brio toys. Besides, it is safe for your child since this product conforms to all safety standards set.

One of the problems with having many toy pieces is clean-up and storage. Good thing this set comes with a storage box and playmat. It conveniently folds and unfolds when not in use.

  • Enhances creativity
  • Helps develop important skills
  • Safe for children
  • Comes with a storage box and playmat
  • The elevated section comes apart easily


 Advantage:  The bigger issue here is with the elevated sections of the track set. It comes apart easily, and the structures supporting these areas get knocked out of position. You have to connect them every time that happens.

 Disadvantage:  Brio wooden train tables will work perfectly with this train set. But that is not the only thing you will love about this product. It comes with many remarkable features your kids will love.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Wooden Train Sets

Best Wooden Train Sets for Your Child

Continuing from the introduction, the following vital factors can help you land good wooden railways. It will narrow down your long list of choices, eventually leaving you with the best option. Take a look at this and remember to take notes, so you don’t forget.

  • Child’s Age

A simple and brightly colored toy set is enough to stimulate their muscles and newly formed senses for young toddlers. Older kids should play with a more sophisticated toy. Products often have a recommended age. While it is crucial to follow it, you should also take into account your child’s ability.

  • Safety

You can spot a poorly made wooden toy from its sharp corners and edges. Avoid these and choose products with round or sanded edges to get rid of any possibility of injuries. Another thing that you should check is if the toy train meets the international safety standards set.

kids Train Sets

  • Complexity

Realistic wooden trains, no matter their intricacy, should be appropriately assembled. One thing you should remember is it shouldn’t be something too easy or too difficult. The level of difficulty will vary depending on the age of the kid and their abilities.

  • Brand

When a brand has a good reputation and many satisfied customers, it indicates the quality of its products. Thomas the train wooden set and Hape train set are some of the most popular brands preferred by parents and kids. But aside from the pricey brands like Brio and Melissa & Doug, other brands like KidKraft have some pretty good wooden train sets.

The next time you set out to find a suitable wooden train set, always remember all the things listed here. They can be of great help in narrowing down your options.

The Different Types of Wooden Train Sets

There is no significant distinction between different kinds of wooden trains sold in the market. Most wooden train sets are similar and have uniform structures. They only vary in the level of complexity and style of the tracks.

You can differentiate wooden trains on whether they are for younger kids or older children. Train sets designed for 18-month olds and young toddlers come in large, chunky, and bright colors. For older kids, on the other hand, there is more sophistication in the structure, and the design is more detailed. In addition, the setup is intuitive and straightforward.

If your little one is a fan of a popular cartoon, there is a high chance you can get a wooden train set with that theme. The appearance and complexity are what sets each wooden train apart. The size can vary and have a slight difference depending on the manufacturer. Other than that, everything else is almost similar.

wood train set

Benefits and Drawbacks of Wooden Train Sets

Are you still hesitant on whether wooden toy trains are a worthy investment for your kids? Most parents who are learning about classic wooden train sets for the first time feel the same way. That’s okay because after reading this comparison about the benefits and drawbacks of getting a wooden train set for your little one, you can make the right decision.


  • Fun and enjoyable
  • Compatible with many wooden train brands
  • Develops problem-solving and motor skills
  • Enhances imagination and creativity
  • Screen-free toy


  • Some pieces come apart easily
  • Most sets don’t have an instruction manual
  • Not all tracks are two-sided

It is pretty evident that there are more benefits than drawbacks to having wood train track sets. So, the next time your child asks you for one, never hesitate to spend some money on it.

What Kind of Wood Do They Use for Train Tracks

The type of wood used in wooden trains affects its quality. It is an important consideration you should check. Opt for those made of natural woods like birch and beech since they can be cleaned easily and are durable.

Are Most Wooden Train Sets Compatible

The majority of toy wooden train sets are compatible with each other. It is not only for their tracks but also with other parts like tunnels, buildings, bridges, and trains that you can connect without issues.

Do Trackmaster Trains Work on Wooden Tracks

Yes. A wooden rail track works well on Trackmaster trains. The original tracks seem too wide for these trains but have just the right width for wooden trains.


The best wooden train sets make excellent toys for children. These are easier to find than you might think as long as you have basic knowledge of what to look for in a product. That is why we have this product review and buying guide to help you find suitable wooden train track sets.

It might take effort and time to land a good toy but always remember that your toddler can gain skills and learn while having fun with a good toy. Have you found a wooden train set – IKEA for your little one? How was your experience? If you have any helpful tips, share them with the readers and us in the comment section below!

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