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Welcome to Hoslotcarracing

We want to show the warmest welcome to readers that come to our page. We offer you honest reviews and verdicts on kids’ toys, which cater to your little ones’ joyful and safe playing session. We hope to deliver you the answers to all the riddles that perpetuate in every parent’s minds about their children’s fun time! 

Genuine Opinions and Reviews by Real Parents

After realizing that not every parent can have time to do thorough research about each and every toy bought for their kids, we established Hoslotcarracing. As a dad and mom to small children, we know how bad such a worry is. That’s why we gather genuine opinions with good intentions from real parents to show you all the good products available. 

Our mission

Our primary mission is short and simple: help busy parents. We want to be the reliable partner that answers parents’ cries for help. Suppose you are too busy, or this is your first time being a parent. Whatever the case it is, we aspire to show you our honest opinion and advice! 

Who are we

Linda Goss

Hi, I am currently a mom to two beautiful girls. I homeschool both of them, and you can imagine how challenging it is for me, both financially and mentally. I have to devote my time and effort to both their education and playing time. Now, I have everything (temporarily) under control; I want to share those experiences with you to make your journey a bit less challenging than mine. 

So, please join us here in Hoslotcarracing to offer a fun and educational time for your little ones. I will not teach you but share my journey and choices on what’s best for my kids, so stay tuned! I hope you find help through our site! 

Bruce Sonnier

I want to send the warmest welcome to all the dads trying to bring their children the fun bonding time out there! We should try hard! Also, I know how important it is that we figure out the best toys for our kids, allowing them to learn, enjoy and have fun with us at the same time. Those are my priority when choosing the suitable race cars and other toys for my little boy and girl.

If you encounter some hardship during the selection process or are too tired of brainstorming ideas for exciting games, I am here to help. Of course, safety is the first thing we consider when writing verdicts on certain toys. So trust us! 

Contact us 

We welcome all your sharing from your parenting hardship and joy. Let’s communicate and help each other take care of our kids! 

Reach out to us via email: online[at]shantel.co

Or preferably through our contact page, as we will reply to you sooner through this channel! Thank you.