12 Best Race Tracks for 3 Year Olds 2023 – Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Young kids like race cars, and the next thing they like is toy car tracks. These tracks complete the toy car experience and make playtime more fun. In addition, it keeps children away from gadgets and encourages creativity and friendship.

As a parent, we all want the best race tracks for 3-year-olds. We want to have the best value for our money and ensure that these toys create hours of excitement. In your quest to find a car race track for your precious ones, here are some of the things that you should keep in mind:

  • Educational: Each toy that you give to a kid should be something that can teach and improve their well-being. It includes enhancing their imaginative play, improving fine motor, hand-eye coordination, and several others.
  • Materials: Check the materials used to create the toy. You want your little ones to play with a safe, non-toxic toy that is BPA-free and made of strong ABS plastic. Wood is also great since it is made of natural materials.
  • Controls: Tracks that come with controllers are more complicated for a young toddler. Instead, opt for simple and easy-to-operate tracks that they can quickly figure out how to use. You can consider getting the said type of car track for kids once they are a year or two older.

Best Race Tracks for 3 Year Olds

These are not the only elements that you should look for in a race car track. We have the rest in the following section. But before that, take a look at the product reviews that will give you an idea of what tracks are available in the market.

Top 12 Race Track for 3-Year-Olds Reviews

1. CubicFun CF-T101 Race Tracks Car Toys

CubicFun CF-T101 Race Tracks Car Toys


Why buy a race track for a 4-year-old when you can purchase one that is most suitable for your 3-year-old. CubicFun has some of the most favorite race tracks, and you can browse through their collection.

They have these tracks for car toys with a functional and creative design. The set includes three mini cars: a fire engine, an ambulance, and a police car. Plus, there are six buttons for controlling and eight different challenges. Children will surely find the track set exciting, and they can play it together with their friends.

Furthermore, its unique color matching is effective in stimulating a toddler’s color perception. Knowing and remembering the name of the colors is more fun. It is not only a game but a learning opportunity for boys and girls aged three. Besides, it is perfect as a gift for any occasion.

This 2-in-1 track toy is ideal for training kids’ comprehensive ability. It offers a game of cooperation that brings more fun than the traditional single tracks. When children guide their mini cars through each challenge and obstacle, it improves their hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and problem-solving ability.

Rest assured that this product is made of high-quality materials and non-toxic paints. The polished, smooth round edges and corners ensure a safe play. In addition, the built-in mechanical linkage track and inertial car railway work on their own and need no batteries.

  • Functional and creative design
  • Unique color matching
  • Trains comprehensive ability
  • Round edges
  • Tracks keep sliding


 Advantage:  The only concern is I have to hold the whole set still while the kids are playing because it keeps sliding. It is necessary to place it on a non-slip mat or something similar instead of the floor.

 Disadvantage:  This is an impressive toy track that delivers educational and entertaining playtime to kids. You can also be at ease since it has no sharp edges that can hurt the little ones.

2. TOP BRIGHT Car Ramp Toy



Some of the things a child loves playing with are cars and tracks. Hence, it is vital to find suitable tracks for your kids’ toy cars. TOP BRIGHT offers first-class race tracks you might like.

How about this toddler race track? It features unique designs, and the vehicles can set off at the same time. In detail, there is a gas station, a repair shop, three garages, and parking lots. The tracks are smooth and rainbow-colored, so the cars can slide down and improve your child’s visual tracking ability.

The parts of these tracks are made of high-quality and child-safe materials. It is BPA-free and uses vivid but non-toxic water-based paints. The toy is thoroughly tested and rated with the highest safety standards. Even toddlers younger than three can play with it.

Having preschoolers play with this toy is like preparing them for the real thing. This learning toy aids in the development of hand-eye coordination and increases attention span. The ramp teaches kids the value of cooperation and taking turns which greatly help their communication skills.

  • Unique design
  • Child-safe
  • Learning toy
  • Packed in a colorful box
  • Tracks are not adjustable


 Advantage:  This compact track set can fit small rooms and shelving. It is packed in a colorful and sturdy box, making it the perfect choice for a gift. The only issue I have is that the tracks are not adjustable despite being made of plastic. But this doesn’t seem to bother the kids; thus, it is not much of a problem.

 Disadvantage:  The vibrant color of the tracks and the unique design are a dead giveaway of how excellent this race track is. The colorful box is a perfect addition that any parent will surely appreciate.

3. Carrera 63010 First Disney Car Race Track

Carrera 63010 First Disney Car Race Track


A kid’s toddler years are full of energy, and they need toys to bring out this. Car racing is what most young children are fond of even back in the day. So, as a parent, you should gGet them the most awesome tracks from Carrera.

It is the ideal car set for children who are just getting into toy car racing. The mini vehicles are at a scale of 1:50, while the track runs for 7.87 feet. Toddlers are in complete control for a realistic driving action. It features electronically regulated speed controllers. Your littles ones will learn how to race and further develop their skills to become the winning racer.

Kids’ favorite race car Lightning McQueen and Dinoco Cruz, will accompany them for their first racing experience. The themed accessories are an excellent addition for more fun. Besides, the figure-eight turns and track flyover will provide the thrill racers seek.

This track set works for both two-player and group activities. Anyone from any age group can play with this track set. There are enough cars and space on the tracks for fast-paced racing and head-to-head driving.

  • Realistic driving action
  • Themed accessories
  • Two-player and group
  • Fast setup
  • Gaps between track pieces


 Advantage:  The set comes with everything you need; it is ready to race right out of the box. The setup is fast, so giddy and excited kids can start racing right away. But there is a small problem that I want to raise. There are spaces between the tracks, and when not attached properly, it can hinder the cars driving on it. It would be best to check before starting.

 Disadvantage:  Consider getting this car track for toddlers to ride. There is no need to purchase other parts separately since it is a complete set. I highly recommend this for those who are buying their first track set.

4. Simplay3 218020-01 Carry and Go Track

Simplay3 218020-01 Carry and Go Track


Racing cars is a timeless pastime for many children. Even in the age of mobile phones and gadgets, nothing can top a race car on the tracks. Simplay manufactures entertaining and creative tracks for kids.

Take a look at this carry-and-go track. It was a national parenting product winner in 2019, so it is no surprise that this race track is included in this list. The double-wall plastic construction doesn’t require any assembly. Kids can play with it right out of the box.

With its lightweight design, this toy is easy to carry. Besides, it comes with a side handle. You can conveniently take it on the go. The little ones can even bring the set on their own with little effort.

This race track features two sides. One has built-in obstacles, such as hills and bumps where toy trucks and cars can weave through. The other side is a figure-eight track with lakes and quarry decals. It gives a realistic playtime activity. Children can also decide where to add the decals and let their imagination run wild.

  • No assembly required
  • Lightweight design
  • Built-in obstacles
  • Comes with decals
  • Bland color and designs


 Advantage:  Not only is it ideal for on-the-go play, but these tracks are also perfect for indoors and outdoors. The only minor issue is the bland colors and design. It would’ve been better if there were more colors. The only ones you get are from the decals; the other parts are light brown.

 Disadvantage:  Is your child not fond of assembling? Then, this ready-to-play track set is perfect. It is lightweight and has stickers; your little ones can decide where to stick them. I highly recommend this for those who prefer a track set with minimal design.

5. Fisher-Price FHG51 Little People Take Turns Skyway

Fisher-Price FHG51 Little People Take Turns Skyway


Aside from being entertaining, racing cars are educational. It teaches children the concept of driving and speed. For a fulfilling experience, get them tracks from Fisher-Price.

Consider this toddler-friendly playset. The package has multiple tracks, a crash zone, two cars, an orange loop, and cool lights and sounds. Kids’ race cars can zoom down, fall into the trap door, crash into each other, spiral down, or jump off the ramp. There are many possibilities which make it exciting.

The double car launcher can send several cars down the track at the same time. It makes racing with friends delightful. Besides, it helps develop motor skills by grasping and engaging with moving cars. It also strengthens coordination and dexterity.

Furthermore, children figure out how to operate the tracks from racing to crashing and launching. It will give them a sense of accomplishment, which is as essential as their happiness and security.

Parents will be glad to know that these tracks are easy to store—no more messy floors after each playtime. In addition, you have the opportunity to expand the set with vehicles that are sold separately.

  • Features loops and crash zones
  • Double car launcher
  • Developmental benefits
  • Easy to store
  • One side of the track is longer than the other


 Advantage:  However, there is a problem that I want to point out. One side of the track is longer than the other. If you think about it, it is not a fair race since the car racing on the shorter side will reach the end faster than the one on the longer track.

 Disadvantage:  This brand always stood for quality and fun, and they delivered again with this fantastic race track. Your kids will have hours of entertainment and developmental play.

6. USA Toyz Glow Race Tracks and LED Toy Cars

USA Toyz Glow Race Tracks and LED Toy Cars

Buying toys has become challenging over the years, but you can never go wrong with a race car. Pair it with awesomely designed tracks from USA Toyz.

Get this multiplayer track and car set. It offers a STEM-building game that inspires imagination and creativity. Toddlers can race the tracks in various ways with different shapes. The trails are bendable, and there are loops and flexes to go through. It is a fantastic toy set that toddlers can play with their friends or siblings.

This product is not only kid-safe but also quality assured. Children will undoubtedly find it engaging, brain challenging, and, most importantly, entertaining. The tracks are rainbow-colored and connect easily. Besides, there is a place for the bridge and slope frames.

Moreover, the LED vehicles glow in the dark, operating on two AA-size batteries. Each set comes with 360 pieces of interchangeable neon tracks that can be custom-built. You also get two slope frames, a bridge, two trax balls, an intersection, and road signs that go on the sides of the tracks.

The tracks snap together and are effortless to take apart. It makes the toy easy to use. You have the option to roll it up for easy storage and travel as well. There is no need to stress over the mess after each playtime.

  • Multiplayer
  • Kid-safe
  • Glow in the dark cars
  • Easy to use and store
  • Spinning wheels can get tangled in hair


 Advantage:  But there is a minor issue that I want everyone to know. The vehicles can spin continuously, and there is a chance that it’ll get tangled in your toddler’s hair. To avoid this, it would be best to have an adult around.

 Disadvantage:  Let children run their imagination and creative juices. This toy set is the ideal STEM game that you never knew they needed.

7. AUUGUU CF1616 Kids Dinosaur Race Car Track

USA Toyz Glow Race Tracks and LED Toy Cars


Encourage your children to socialize and make new friends through a game of racing cars. AUUGUU is a reliable brand where you can purchase fun race tracks for toy cars.

This dinosaur-themed race track set can offer non-stop fun. It features three track configurations, which will give toddlers the chance to arrange it depending on their preference. There are ramps, a bridge, trees, and a gate where vehicles can maneuver through safely over and over again.

Each package comes with 144 pieces of flexible tracks, two dino figures, two ramps, two mini SUVs, four plastic trees, a bridge, and a gate. There are many possibilities, and children have the freedom to set up everything. That way, they can put their imagination and creativity to work. Besides, this playset that is compatible for both indoors and outdoors enhances problem-solving skills.

The Triceratops and T-Rex are designed with attention to detail, which means that it is realistic. Kids can role-play and imagine a world with menacing dinosaurs. It will also pique their curiosity, and they may want to learn more about these extinct creatures.

This playset is made of durable, non-toxic, and BPA-free materials. It underwent testing and received the highest toy safety standard. You can rest assured that your little ones are playing with safe and environmentally-friendly toys.

  • Three track configuration
  • Ideal for indoors and outdoors
  • Realistic experience
  • Durable and non-toxic
  • The ramp is wobbly


 Advantage:  The only problem is the ramp, which is a bit shaky. It is essential to check and set each track properly and securely.

 Disadvantage:  This race car track for 3-year-olds is for those children who love dinosaurs. It is effective in entertaining toddlers and stimulating their imagination and creativity.

8. VTech 80-164700 Go! Go! Smart Wheels Raceway

VTech 80-164700 Go! Go! Smart Wheels Raceway


Are you still in search of a top-notch track for your toddler’s race cars? Check out VTech and its collection of educational and entertaining track toys.

How about this raceway playset? It is not only a race track; it also includes a vehicle teaching toddlers about the letter ‘R’, which stands for racing and race car. Kids will have an enjoyable time and learn at the same time.

Moreover, the SmartPoint makes the toy set interactive. It features sound effects. Toddlers get to listen to fun phrases and jam to exciting music. When the car touches the SmartPoint location, it will trigger the songs and words.

The three-track configuration: the stunt truck, Super Raceway, and dual Raceway, opens many possibilities. Your little kid can have play variation, so there is no boring time. They can switch from one track setup to another and mix play routines.

Furthermore, the lift-up launcher of the track is amusing and entertaining. More importantly, it can aid in the development and strengthening of fine motor skills. There are two launch zones, and kids can watch vehicles zoom down the track and set off the ramp. They can take turns with their siblings or friends and see whose car can go farther.

  • Comes with a race car
  • Features music and sound effects
  • Three track configuration
  • Strengthens fine motor skills
  • The track is wobbly in the middle


 Advantage:  But there is a minor issue with the ramp. This part can get wobbly when not appropriately attached. There are times when it doesn’t snap firmly, and it is probably designed that way so kids can easily take them apart.

 Disadvantage:  Is your kid enthusiastic about race tracks with ramps? If so, this might be the one that you are looking for. There are variations for endless hours of fun playtime.

9. Fisher-Price GMJ12 Little People Raceway

Fisher-Price GMJ12 Little People Raceway


If you grew up experiencing the fun of playing with miniature cars, you might want to pass it down to your kids. Take it to the next level and get a raceway from Fisher-Price.

Consider this kid-friendly playset. It has multiple tracks, a crash zone, two cars, an orange loop, and amazing lights and sounds. These features make playtime more exciting, which means more rest time for parents.

The double car launcher allows users to send multiple cars down the tracks. It is the perfect setup for a thrilling race. As your little ones watch the vehicles zoom in and go through the loops and obstacles, their eye-tracking abilities improve.

Furthermore, this set comes with a ramp, which opens more fun possibilities. The mini vehicles can race, crash into each other, or drop through the trap door. There is also a spiral track where the car can continuously descend.

All the tracks in the set are effortless to clean up and store. Toddlers can collect the pieces on their own and learn about responsibility. Besides, you have an option to expand the set by collecting additional cars. It means more can play together and race.

  • Multiple tracks
  • Double car launcher
  • Comes with a ramp
  • Easy to store
  • One side is longer than the other


 Advantage:  However, there is a racing issue that I have observed. For it to be fair, the tracks need to be the same length, but that is not the case. One side is longer than the other. While the kids might not notice, it would be best to let the players switch lanes now and then.

 Disadvantage:  This fisher-price toddler race track is one of the best you can find in the market. It is the ideal option for those who want to expand their set soon.

10. VTech 80-180001 Go! Go! Smart Wheels Deluxe Garage

VTech 80-180001 Go! Go! Smart Wheels Deluxe Garage


Racing mini cars goes a long way back, and up to now, it is still fun as ever. What’s more exciting is, you can have an interactive race track from VTech to go with it.

Take a look at this multicolor race track. It features seven interchangeable track pieces for an enhanced and expanded play. It offers variations that toddlers can explore, which encourages and stimulates their creativity. Building their own track, setting up a garage, and racing vehicles around bring fun and development.

There are nine SmartPoint locations on the tracks. When a car runs over them, it triggers various phrases, songs, and sound effects. It adds an entertaining value that can keep children focused for hours. There are three songs to sing along to and they can learn about the letter ‘T’ and the name of different cars.

Moreover, the electronic light-up buttons are included. Pressing the button will set off flashy lights. Besides, there are manipulative elements like turning the helicopter pad and raising or lowering the elevator. The interactive roleplay features are effective in building motor skills, which are essential for a growing child.

You will need two AA batteries to operate the garage, while the tow truck requires two AAA batteries. There are demo batteries included in the package, but new batteries are recommended for regular use.

  • Interchangeable track pieces
  • SmartPoint locations
  • Features fun sounds and phrases
  • Electronic light-up buttons
  • Fitting stickers for road markers is challenging


 Advantage:  The only issue is with the stickers that go on the road markers. They are small and tricky to fit on the tracks. Therefore, this task is best left to adults.

 Disadvantage:  This adorable raceway looks good and works great. The features are interactive, just what every toddler needs in a toy.

11. VATOS V-6702 Garage Track Set Toy for Kids

VATOS V-6702 Garage Track Set Toy for Kids

There are many race cars available, and the same goes for track toys. The two must be compatible. Maybe, VATOS has a track set that perfectly fits your kid’s toy car.

This entertaining and educational track set is perfect for your little ones. It teaches children about road signs, parking lots, and proper lanes. It is an excellent way to increase their traffic knowledge. They can role-play with all the different types of vehicles. The experience will improve their communications skills and develop hand-eye coordination.

There are three track designs in this set. You get three floors of parking where the mini vehicles can drive steadily down from the third floor. On the side, there is an elevator the cars can take to rise again to the highest floor. It is an endless loop of fun.

Three AA batteries operate the automatic lifting device. Set it on electric mode, and it will transport cars while playing music in the background and lighting up the tracks. The flashy settings can attract and hold a toddler’s attention.

Moreover, you can choose the manual mode for the vehicle elevator. Raise and lower the lift by rotating the groove found on the top. No need for batteries, and it exercises kids’ coordination and hands-on ability.

  • Entertaining and educational
  • Three track design
  • Automatic lifting device
  • Manual mode
  • The tracks are not ideal for younger toddlers


 Advantage:  But you should know that the race tracks are small. The size might be perfect for a three-year-old kid, but younger than that, it can cause a choking hazard. It is best to have an adult around to supervise.

 Disadvantage:  You get tons of different cars and a three-tiered track when you opt for this playset. The elevator is also entertaining, and the manual mode is a great addition when batteries are not within reach.

12. iHaHa XS181A-5 236PCS Construction Race Tracks for Kids

iHaHa XS181A-5 236PCS Construction Race Tracks for Kids


A racing game is fun for any toddler. With the right car and tracks, they can spend hours playing on it with their friends. Check out iHaHa; they have some incredible race tracks that the kids will surely love.

They have this construction-themed race track. Each set comes with 200 flexible tracks, four mini construction trucks, two race cars, eight traffic signs, a bridge, and two trees. There are six different construction trucks included other than the race cars; you will get a road roller, cement truck, haul truck, and excavator.

The engineering vehicles have unique and detailed designs. With the arc and Y-shaped tracks, children can build their own roads. It encourages them to use their creativity and imagination. Overall, it benefits their development, limits screen time, and offers healthy and hands-on playtime.

There are more accessories in this set. In addition, the vehicles have movable arms and flexible tracks. You can rest assured that each part is made of non-toxic and safe materials. The product conforms to the US toy standard. Besides, each piece is constructed and designed to perfectly fit toddlers’ small hands making it easier to grasp and carry.

  • Comes with six construction trucks
  • Detailed design
  • More accessories
  • Child-safe
  • Don’t come with an instruction manual


 Advantage:  The only issue I have with this set is that there is no instruction manual included. But I think it doesn’t really matter since it is easy to figure out how each part connects with the others.

 Disadvantage:  Your little ones will undoubtedly enjoy playing with this toy set. The intricate details and more than usual accessories are favorable in any situation. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a high-quality race track.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Race Tracks for 3-Year-Olds

Race Tracks

Parents have it tough purchasing toy race car track sets, so they sometimes end up with two to three purchases. To further narrow down your list to one ultimate choice, these essential factors can help.


Toys that toddlers can play with both indoors and outdoors are ideal. For a race track to be versatile, it should have parts, design, and setting that allows usage on bare grass or soil and carpeted floors.

Storage Friendly

It is best to have a race track set that you can easily store to prevent any parts’ damage or loss. A package that comes with a storage box is suitable for a clutter-free floor after each playtime.


How many ways are there to set up the tracks? The more possible configurations there are, the more interesting and creative. A set that has many tracks is more likely to create arrangement. It is also vital that setting up is easy and safe for the kids.


Programmed Sounds and Songs

The shape and design of the race tracks are great, but having built-in sounds can make the experience more exciting and fun. It can strengthen children’s focus during playtime.

Price Tag

How much are you willing to spend on a race track? Most parents have a set budget for their kids’ toys. It is essential to start looking at products that fall within the budget and not waste any time.

The Different Types of Race Tracks for 3-Year-Olds

There are many kinds of race car sets for 3-year-olds sold in the market. It is understandable given that there are several types of race car tracks available. These tracks are made to accommodate all these toy cars. Here we have three of the most common and most preferred by many.

  • Launcher Race Car Tracks

This is a modern race track designed for high-speed racing. It is also the best one to have if your kid is fond of doing stunts with their cars.

  • Manual Race Car Tracks

This is the standard race track priced affordably. There are no age requirements for these, and you can get high-quality features.

  • Motorized Race Car Tracks

This is an upgraded version of the manual tracks. What sets it apart from the standard version is the batteries that power it. Some are even controlled remotely with adjustable speed and direction.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Race Tracks for 3-Year-Olds

Some parents are still hesitant about whether a running track for 3-year-olds is the best for their kids. Each product, including a race track, has its own pros and cons. Let’s take a look at this list:


  • Entertaining
  • Keeps children away from gadgets
  • Sparks creativity
  • Teaches essential skills
  • Helps making new friends easier


  • Some are bulky and challenging to store
  • Can be messy at times

The number of benefits outweighs the drawbacks; thus, getting a race car track for your kids is a worthy investment. Think about all the fun they’ll have and the good things that come with it.

Who Makes the Top-Rated Race Tracks for 3-Year-Olds?


Many brands manufacture race tracks for children. Each one has its strong suit, but if we are to pick three, then they are the following:

  • Fisher-Price

They have been known to create baby gear and toys for 90 years. Fisher-Price prides itself in putting knowledge to work in the details of their toys and equipment. That is just one of the many reasons why many moms and kids love them.

  • Carrera

They are popular and excel in the field of motorsports. Carerra is also leading in the world of remote-controlled race cars. Their shared fascination for spectacular cars and speed appeals to different age groups.

  • VTech

They are the global leader when it comes to electronic learning products. VTech caters to a wide age range from infancy through toddler and preschool. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing, latest technology, and market trends make their products stand out.

Can Race Tracks for 3-Year-Olds Teach Kids Important Skills

Yes, letting your kids play with race tracks can develop their hand-eye coordination, teach them about sharing and communication, and allow them to grasp the concept of the toy. These are only some of the things kids can learn from playing with toy cars on tracks.

How Long Will My Race Tracks for 3-Year-Olds Last

When you buy the right product based on the buying guide we shared, you can expect your child’s race track to last for several years. They can also pass them to their siblings who come along later or other children.


With many claiming to be the best race tracks for 3-year-olds, the final say depends on you. Parents are the ones who know their kids well, and they are the ones who can pick the suitable toy that they think their little ones will enjoy the most. The product reviews and buying guide we have will make it easier to make a sound decision.

Did you find the article helpful? If you know someone who might need it, you can share it with them so they can purchase the right race track for 3-year-olds too.

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