Power Wheels Drill Conversion – Here’s What To Do

Power wheels are what you need if you want your kids to enjoy the outdoors. It is an exciting and fun way to explore. It will offer a fun playtime for your toddler for the first few months, but as they grow older and get used to the slow pace, they would want a more thrilling ride.

But that doesn’t mean you have to purchase a new unit with more power. Instead, you can try power wheels battery conversion.

The power wheels drill conversion is a method that makes use of the batteries from broken power tools. With a few simple steps that any DIYer can easily do, you can plug in a new battery in a power wheel and significantly increase the speed.

Aside from saving money with this technique, it is an environment-friendly way to reuse old power tool batteries. These junks are hazardous and pollute the landfills. In some way, you are doing your part to lessen the number of lithium batteries ending up in the dumping ground.

Going back to the power wheels 18v conversion, we have a helpful guide you can follow. As long as you have all the tools needed, you can complete this project with ease.

Power Wheels Conversion

Power Wheels Conversion

Changing batteries involves adding an inline fuse holder. This modification is simple with a power wheels battery adapter as it can add around 50% more speed to your child’s power wheel.

Make sure to have the toolset required, especially the inline fuse. Skipping the fuse is not an option. If you are skeptical about any of these, reach out to someone who knows how to handle it. Now, onto the step-by-step guide.

What you will need:

  • Soldering iron
  • Battery adapter
  • Inline fuse
  • Charged tool battery
  • Electrical tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire strippers

Step 1: Find the location of the stock battery


The battery can be in the seat, trunk, or under the hood. After locating, unhook it from the wire harness and bar if there is one. Then, remove it from the vehicle.

Step 2: Modify the battery


We need the connector plug so cut the two wires attached to the battery and attach the adapter to the battery’s connector plug.

Step 3: Attach the wires


The black wire is negative, and you connect it with the other black wire. Twist it together and wrap it with electrical tape. The red wire is positive and should be attached together with a 30 amp inline fuse in between.

Step 4: Connect the drill battery


Reattach everything. Ensure that the fuse is between the red wires. Mount that battery back into the power wheel.

Tip: Install an electrical speed controller kit so it is easier to control the amount of power. That way, your kid can slowly ease into the new power wheels’ speed.

Step 5: Test the vehicle


Once the battery is connected, press the gas pedal down and watch the rear wheels spin. There is going to be a considerable difference in the speed and weight.

Step 6:Wrap things up

Secure the wires by soldering them together. Close everything and don’t forget to clean up.

Warning: Overvolting can be hard on some components. Applying extra voltage can quickly wear out motors and gearboxes. You can mitigate this by keeping the rider’s weight as long as possible, which means sitting only one or two kids at a time. Avoid rapidly shifting directions while in motion and allow cooling periods between battery changes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Power Wheels Conversion

Frequently Asked Question About Power Wheels Conversion

An 18-volt battery for power wheels is a relatively easy conversion to make. But there might be some questions you are searching for answers to regarding power wheels conversion. We have three of the most common queries and answers to them. Read on.

Can You Add Two Battery Packs to The Power Wheel?

Yes. It will double the run time of the vehicle and provide more speed when done correctly. Ensure that the batteries run in parallel; otherwise, the motors will receive 36v to 40v of power. It sounds nice, but it will push the power wheel to its limit and rip it apart.

Is Battery Upgrade Safe?

Yes, as long as you address the possible problems before they can happen. Basic knowledge of electrical work and battery modification is required for a safe outcome. It includes identifying the right connector points, installing a fuse, and securing the joints firmly.

What Battery Upgrade Options Are Available?

There are two most popular options you can choose from, sealed lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries.

You might have some hesitations in taking on this project, but it is a fulfilling task that will save you tons of money. You can always check with a professional when you find yourself having a hard time with some parts.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Benefits and Drawbacks of Drill Conversion

Looking closely at power wheels drill conversion, you will see that there are two sides to it. Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of this method will help you decide if it is something you want to apply to your kid’s power wheel.


  • You don’t need to be an expert to do power wheel drill conversion
  • With a general knowledge of electrical work and fuse usage, you can wing this project
  • Lithium batteries are lighter and charge much faster
  • This allows the vehicle to do power slides when stopping


With a supercharged ride-on vehicle, extra layers of safety are needed. Let your kids use helmets and increase the age limit of those who can ride the converted toy car.

Also, consider installing an ESC so you can adjust the speed each time. Additionally, ensure that the power wheels are equipped with secure seat belts for added protection during the exhilarating rides.

Buying a New Battery for a Power Wheel

Buying a New Battery for a Power Wheel

Purchasing an 18v power wheel battery is another option you have that can increase the performance of a 12v ride-on vehicle. You don’t have to buy a brand new power wheel which costs more than just purchasing the battery. It is a cost-efficient option to modify a power wheel. Since you need a battery replacement, why not opt for one that can offer a faster speed?

When acquiring new batteries, check the requirements of the power wheel. Make sure to get ones that are compatible with the vehicle. Follow the guide that comes with the product and see if you need to have the charger replaced too.

In the event that a charger is unavailable, explore alternative charging methods, such as charging with solar panels, to facilitate a smooth upgrade for your power wheel.

Head to your local store where you can talk and ask questions to people who know of this. You can also go to the official website of the power wheel brand you bought.

Final Thoughts

The drill conversion on 18v power wheels can undoubtedly make a ride-on vehicle run faster than it usually does. While this is a fantastic and money-saving DIY project, make sure to bear in mind the disadvantages.

For one, it can wear down the gearboxes and motors of the power wheels. But there are ways to keep this at a minimum and extend the life and performance of the vehicle. Always remember to consider your child’s capabilities in handling the additional speed after the conversion.

We hope that this tutorial and all the information we included in this article will be helpful for your drill conversion project. Please share it with your family and friends who want to save money on buying a new and faster power wheel unit. Comment about your experiences working on this; we love hearing from you!

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