Toyota Prius vs Prius Prime: Which is the Better Hybrid?

The Toyota Prius has been synonymous with the hybrid car segment ever since its launch two decades ago. It is the OG hybrid car known for its amazing fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. But it has also been considered a bore, until now…

In the year 2024 the Prius changed everyone’s perspectives on the cool factor associated with the Prius. It came with all the great things expected from a Prius, plus improved driveability. But if you plan on buying one, then you’ll have to choose between the Prius and the Prius Prime.

So, the following is the comparison between the two cars:

The Background

Old vs New Toyota Prius

We saw the unveiling of the new Prius last year for the model year. It kick-started the fifth generation of the pop culture icon/hybrid liftback vehicle. The previous generation was criticized for its driving dynamics, its fuel economy and hefty price tag, which have been thoroughly addressed by Toyota in this iteration.

With this one, Toyota has managed to fix all of the above. In fact, the company went the extra mile and delivered a masterpiece of aestheticism, as the new Prius is an attractive and futuristic-looking car. This applies to both the Prius and the Prius Prime PHEV.

Toyota strategically released both these cars in the North American market. However, those in Europe won’t be getting the traditional hybrid version. Also, some markets won’t receive the Prius at all as Toyota will sell the new Corolla hybrid there. With that cleared up, let’s begin with the comparison.


Both the models feature 2-liter engines but the Prime is a plug-in hybrid which means that it has an all-electric range as well. The standard model is available with both front- and all-wheel drive, while the Prime is only available with FWD right now. As a reminder, well-scheduled maintenance utilizing genuine Toyota parts ensures a stady performance and longer lifetime of any vehicles.


Toyota Prius vs Prius Prime: Power

The standard Prius is quite powerful as it makes 194 horses – a pretty good number and the second-most ever produced by a Prius. It shares this engine with the bigger Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid, but is much lighter and you’ll see how this affects the acceleration.

Meanwhile, the Prius Prime has even more juice as it produces a total of 220 hp. This makes it more powerful than pretty much every car in its class, hybrid or non-hybrid. It’s no surprise that it wins this round.

But no matter the differences in powertrain, both these cars are dependable and you can maintain them with the help of genuine parts.

Genuine parts usage ensures a long lifetime and reliability of your vehicle, providing comfort and confidence on the road. Regular maintenance with authentic components usage, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of any vehicle. If you are an owner of a fleet of Toyota vehicles, you can find Toyota genuine parts supply here:


The new generation of the Prius brings about exciting acceleration times due to the improved power-to-weight ratios. The Prius can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in almost 7 seconds. Meanwhile, the Prius Prime does even better, beating the time by 0.4 seconds.

As you can see, both these cars are quick and can even outshine some classic sports cars on the drag strip. The Prime’s added power provides a snappier response, elevating the driving experience and proving that hybrid efficiency doesn’t compromise performance.

However, when you compare the two, it’s not a big surprise that the more powerful Prime is snippier.

Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy

This is the biggest reason why people buy the Prius in the first place. Both these vehicles do great here, with the standard FWD Prius doing up to 57 mpg city and 56 mpg highway. Opting for all-wheel drive slightly adjusts these figures, maintaining the Prius’s eco-friendly edge.

Going for the Prius Prime means that you get a lesser 50 mpg in the city and 47 mpg on the highway. However, you also get an all-electric range of 44 miles which gives you that EV feel. The standard Prius remains the choice for traditional efficiency unless the allure of a PHEV setup beckons, providing versatility and sustainability in one package.


The pricing is a major factor for many, and there’s a significant difference between these two vehicles. The standard model starts from $28k while the Prime model is priced from $33k. It’s quite the upsell especially when the traditional hybrid is more efficient.

Also, the other features of these two cars are pretty similar, but you might like the interior colors on the Prime model a bit more.

Reliability, Maintenance and Genuine Parts Importance

Reliability, Maintenance and Genuine Parts Importance

No matter which Prius model you choose, the importance of genuine parts cannot be overstated. Using genuine Toyota parts ensures that your vehicle maintains its reliability and performance over the years. Genuine parts contribute to overall vehicles durability, as well as they reduce unexpected breakdowns risk.

To further enhance your Prius experience, consider the incorporation of top linear actuators specifically designed for Toyota vehicles. These advanced actuators play a crucial role in optimizing various automotive functions, seamlessly integrating with genuine Toyota parts for superior performance.

Regular maintenance, coupled with authentic parts, is key to your hybrid vehicle performance reliability. It is not only enhancing a vehicle’s performance but also preventing potential issues from escalating. Toyota genuine parts usage in maintenance ensures that your Prius or Prius Prime continues to deliver optimal fuel efficiency and environmental benefits throughout its lifetime.

Whether it’s routine check-ups, oil changes, or part replacements, relying on genuine Toyota parts and following the recommended maintenance schedule is a wise investment. It will guarantee that your Toyota vehicle will remain a reliable and eco-friendly choice for upcoming years.


The comparison between the two Prius models ends in a tie. The Prius is more efficient and costs less, but the Prius Prime is more powerful and quicker. They’re both pretty closely matched in these categories.

As a result, it all comes down to your personal preference. If you like to go all-electric and want a feel of what it is like to live with an EV, then the Prius Prime should work best for you. Otherwise, the standard Prius should be the cost-effective option, in the short- and long-term.

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