Top 5 Linear Actuators Used in Toyota Vehicles – The Technology at Your Fingertips

If you own a Toyota car, know that it features several linear actuator devices. The primary work of these devices is to create linear motion. As a result, they’re critical for car components that move in a straight line. Examples include sliding windows, seat recliners, steering racks, etc.

But what types of linear motion devices, in particular, do Toyota vehicles feature? That’s what we aim to find out in this post. We’ll look at the top linear actuators the famous car manufacturer employs.

The Top Linear Actuators Used in Toyota Vehicles

1. Door Lock Actuators

Door Lock Actuators (1)

Most modern Toyota vehicles feature a door lock button. So, the user only needs to push a button to lock or unlock the door. Such a system is made possible thanks to door lock actuators.

A typical door lock motion device will feature the following:

  • Electric motor
  • Gears
  • Cables
  • Latch mechanism

The actuator sits in the door panel. It forms part of the power door lock system and connects to a switch. This switch will typically be in the car’s driver or passenger door. For some Toyota vehicles, it’ll be in the key fob.

One benefit of this actuator in Toyota cars is that you skip manual locking and unlocking. Thus, operating the vehicle becomes more convenient. Also, the motion device will prevent the door from opening without notice. By extension, this means there’s less risk of accidents and injury.

Furthermore, some advanced Toyota cars use door lock actuators for more specific purposes. For instance, the actuator can help activate child safety locks and anti-theft alarms.

2. Tailgate Lift Supports

tailgate Lift Supports


Tailgate lift supports are similar to door lock actuators. However, they’re particular to Toyota trucks, especially those with electric tailgates. Tailgate lift supports ensure the truck’s tailgate works without trouble. It also helps increase the gate’s durability.

Notably, some tailgate lift supports boost the Toyota truck’s carry capacity. Such actuators feature electric motors that can reach high speeds. In turn, the vehicle will be able to hold more load — almost double compared to a regular truck.

Since these lift supports perform a critical job, they often come with protection. For instance, Toyota may include waterproof and dustproof functions. These will ensure the devices don’t get damaged by moisture or dust.

Also, tailgate linear actuators usually have a high-temperature range. In other words, they’ll work in any weather or circumstances. It doesn’t matter if the place is blazing hot or freezing cold. This doesn’t mean tailgate lift supports cannot suffer downgrades.

The fact is they usually have a high mechanical life. For example, a tailgate actuator in a Toyota truck may have a >50,000 mechanical life. This means that, with proper maintenance, the actuator will work at least 50,000 times for lifting the tailgate.

Some motion devices work for much longer. Frigelli Automations shares more details about how this work.

3. Hood Lift Supports

Hood Lift Supports

Every vehicle with a hood needs a lift support to help hold it. It’s no different with Toyota cars. The support also aids in raising and lowering the hood.

Usually, these operations are manual. But with motion devices with sensors in your Toyota car, you get automation. As a result, hood lift linear actuators can make operating your vehicle easier.

Toyota uses electric or pneumatic actuators for the hood lift support. Both are reliable, but electric options are preferable. They’re easier to install thanks to their minimal design. They’re also more affordable to operate.

Regardless, both electric and pneumatic options can boost your Toyota car’s performance. Relying on manual prop rods to hold your car hood in place can be dangerous. Unintentional shifts can displace the rod, causing the hood to fall.

So, Toyota vehicles with hood lift linear actuators are much safer. The actuators usually come with a built-in clutch and hood lock. With this, the car hood will only come down when you want it to.

4. Window Regulators

Window Regulators (1)

Window regulators are what moves your car window up and down. That’s straight motion, which makes linear actuators critical for the regulators to work. You’ll find window regulators in each door of your Toyota vehicle.

The window regulator usually comes together with the window motor. But for some Toyota cars, the motor is separate.

These regulators usually don’t need maintenance or repair. Should they stop to function, you’ll have to replace the entire unit. For this reason, it’s helpful that Toyota uses linear actuators and not other systems. Other systems like cable or gear-drive.

Linear motion devices have the advantage of durability and high performance. They can endure many up-and-down cycles. If it’s automated, the devices become even more helpful.

But, many old Toyota car windows use cable and gear-drive regulators. You’ll only find electric actuators in the windows of recent cars from the manufacturer.

5. ARB Switch Actuators

ARB Switch Actuators

Toyota off-road vehicles feature ARB air lockers. These are differential locking systems designed to help the cars work optimally. In particular, they ensure all four wheels move in uniform, not minding the available traction.

Toyota vehicles rely on ARB switch actuators to control these air lockers. You’ll usually find the actuator in the vehicle dashboard. It connects to the air compressor and solenoid valve. Turning on the switch opens the valve so air can pass through the locker.

Then, the actuator locks and holds the differential in a suitable position. This allows equal traction to reach the car wheels. Hence, it’s clear how critical ARB switch actuators are for Toyota off-road vehicles.

But the primary advantage is the ease of use. All you have to do is press a switch to activate the air locker. Also, some actuators with sensors will feature a light on the button. That way, it becomes easy to tell the air locker status.

Another benefit is that ARB switch actuators are durable. They can serve in different temperature conditions. Also, they absorb vibration well.


Toyota vehicles come with different types of linear motion devices. But the top ones are those enlisted in this post. Each of these devices serves a significant function. Without them, Toyota vehicles would be less reliable to users.

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