HO Slot Cars for Sale

Due to the large number of slot cars for sale I’ve broken the listings out into individual pages for each manufacturer. Previous visitors will now find the same listings as before, just broken out into faster loading pages.

A complete line of Tomy AFX and Tyco/Mattel Slot Cars are available for sale. Along with Life-Like NASCAR and Auto World Aurora reproductions.

Note: Any of the HO slot cars sold at this site will run on any brand of HO track, so whether you have Tomy, Tyco, Model Motoring, A/FX or Life-Like track, all of the slot cars I sell will work on your track.

Tomy AFX Slot Cars

Tomy AFX slot cars are some of the fastest available. These slot cars are consistent winners. If you’re looking for the very best, Tomy AFX slot cars can’t be beat.

Tomy AFX Repair Parts are readily available to keep your slot cars running at their best and the BSRT after-market line of hop-up and speed parts make these cars winners in every racing class.

Tyco/Mattel Slot Cars

Tyco Slot Cars are now branded as Mattel Electric Hot Wheels. Mattel Toy Company purchased the assets of Tyco several years ago. A variety of race cars and street cars are available, including Formula 1, IndyCar and NASCAR Winston Cup.

Tyco/Mattel Repair Parts are readily available for these slot cars along with BSRT Hop-Up Parts for hard-core racers.

Life-Like Slot Cars

Life-Like Slot Cars include some of the most popular NASCAR and Sprint Cars. A limited number of American Muscle street cars are also available.

If you’re looking for replacement Life-Like slot cars for race sets bought in the last 5-7 years look at the “T” Chassis models.

Any older M Chassis slot car will also run on your track, but these slot cars are slightly slower and the traction magnets are not as strong.

Life-Like Repair Parts are available for both the T Chassis and M Chassis models.

Auto World Slot Cars

Auto World HO slot cars provide some of the most interesting body styles available to the HO racer. Many are modern reproductions of the original Aurora ThunderJet 500 body shells. Auto World is also reproducing many of the old Aurora A/FX body styles as well.

Along with producing vintage Aurora body shells, Auto World is also molding entirely new body shells of American Muscle cars and Dragsters.

Auto World also offers Rolling Chassis and Pit Kits to repair their slot cars.

Warning: Auto World slot cars are reproductions of the original Aurora ThunderJet and A/FX Magna-Traction cars from the 1960’s and 1970’s. They do not have the speed or strong traction magnets that keep modern cars stuck down.

If you’re looking for slot cars for younger racers these should be avoided. The Tomy AFX line of slot cars are perfect for young kids as well as adults. If you raced Aurora when you were a kid and you like the old school drifting and sliding, then by all means try an Auto World reproduction.

Micro-Scalextric Slot Cars

Micro-Scalextric is relatively new to the North American market. The product has been sold in England for nearly twenty years, but has only recently been exported to the United States. The Micro-Scalextric brand serves as an entry level product to introduce young racers to the exciting hobby of slot car racing.