Micro Scalextric Law Enforcer vs Atlasonix Slot Car Race Track

I recently searched for some new pieces to add to my collection. I came across two sets, Micro Scalextric Law Enforcer and Atlasonix Slot Car Race Track.

I wasn’t sure about which one to choose, so I bought both. What a solution to the problem, right?

Now I would like to share my insights of both these sets with you.

Micro Scalextric Law Enforcer

Micro Scalextric Law Enforcer

The Micro Scalextric Law Enforcer is marketed as a beginner-friendly slot car racing set, appealing primarily to younger players.

Retailing at approximately £70, it positions itself at the mid-range price point for such toys.

Despite its higher cost compared to some alternatives, it promises a user-friendly experience that aims to attract newcomers to the hobby.


This set features an easy-to-assemble track, designed specifically to be manageable for younger users.

It includes a speed-limiting function that helps prevent frequent derailments, making it safer and less frustrating for beginners.

These features are intended to enhance playability and provide a smoother introduction to slot car racing.

Performance and Quality

In terms of performance, the Micro Scalextric Law Enforcer falls short.

The cars are relatively slow, which can make performing tricks like loop-the-loops challenging.

The overall quality of the set is perceived as low, with the cars being particularly fragile and prone to breakage.

These issues can detract significantly from the overall enjoyment and longevity of the set.

Atlasonix Slot Car Race Track

Atlasonix Slot Car Race Track

The Atlasonix Slot Car Race Track is one of the more affordable options available, priced at around £42.

Despite its lower cost, it aims to offer a fun and engaging racing experience, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious buyers or those new to slot car racing.


This set is limited to a single-track layout and does not include any crossover pieces, which restricts its design flexibility.

Its straightforward setup can be a plus for those looking for a simple and quick racing experience.

The lack of complex features might limit long-term engagement, but it still offers basic racing fun.

Performance and Quality

The Atlasonix set is constructed with basic materials and has unfinished edges, reflecting its lower price point.

Despite these quality issues, the racing experience it provides is surprisingly satisfactory.

The simplicity of the track design does not significantly hinder the enjoyment, making it a decent choice for casual play, though it may not withstand prolonged or rough usage.


Race Car Toy VS

The Micro Scalextric Law Enforcer offers a more user-friendly setup, making it accessible for younger players.

Its less challenging racing dynamics may limit excitement over time.

On the other hand, the Atlasonix Slot Car Race Track has very limited design options due to its single-track layout, which could restrict long-term engagement but provide straightforward play.

Build Quality and Durability

Both sets suffer from notable quality issues. The Micro Scalextric is seen as fragile, especially the cars, which may not endure rough handling.

The Atlasonix, while also of basic construction, is particularly noted for its low-end materials and unfinished edges.

These factors make both sets less durable, potentially reducing their lifespan and value for repeated use.

Value for Money

Neither the Micro Scalextric Law Enforcer nor the Atlasonix Slot Car Race Track offers exceptional value for money.

Both have significant drawbacks in terms of performance and quality. The Micro Scalextric is more expensive but fragile, while the Atlasonix is cheaper but very basic and lower in quality.

Considering these limitations, potential buyers might find better value in other slot car sets on the market.

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