HO Slot Car Racing

This web site is dedicated to HO Slot Car racing, collecting, restoration, track design, electronics and software.

I have been racing and collecting HO scale slot cars since the 1960’s, when I purchased my first Aurora Model Motoring set as a young boy. The Ford GT-40 and Lola GT that came with that original Aurora Model Motoring set are long gone now, but my love for the hobby continues to this day.

I sell a complete line of slot cars, parts, race sets, track and accessories for all major brands including; Tomy, Aurora, Tyco, Auto World, BSRT and Life-Like.

About twenty years ago I decided to build a dedicated 4-lane HO slot car track, a complete landscaped layout with pit lanes and a large paddock area to display my growing collection of slot cars. Since then I have built several other racing circuits and continue to add to my collection of HO scale race cars.

This web site is an ongoing project. New sections that focus on HO Slot Car Racing, Collecting, Restoration and Track Layout Design will be added as time permits. If you have suggestions for additional content please feel free to contact me.

So whether you’re just getting started or have been racing slot cars for years there’s sure to be something here for you. Along with carrying all of the major brands of slot cars, track and parts I also sell several after-market products lines such as; Parma controllers, Astron power supplies, BSRT high-performance parts, track landscaping supplies, buildings, Lexan bodies, tools and much more.

To make things easy to find, information is organized in nine main categories with relevant pages displayed below each category heading. The narrow scrolling window on the left allows you to quickly find the information you’re looking for. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page is also a good place to start.

At the very bottom of each page you’ll find a small print hyperlink. You can use this command to print a hardcopy of those pages that interest you.

Ken Miles – LeMans 1966 Ford GT40

Tomy AFX Ford GT40 Blue #1 – MGP

This is the car driven by Ken Miles in the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans. It is featured in the new movie Ford vs. Ferrari showing in theaters around the world.

Own a piece of racing history this Christmas.

Tomy 21031

Barn Finds

Here’s something special! I’ve found several cases of these Tyco Ferrari F-40 slot cars in red. They come mounted on a Tyco Magnum 440×2 racing chassis. These cars haven’t been available for over 15 years, but now they’re back. The Tyco 440×2 chassis is a worthy competitor to Tomy’s lastest Mega-G Plus cars in every respect.

Ferrari F-40 – Red

Tyco F40-BF

And to make them the fastest cars on your the track try these hop-up parts from BSRT. Silicone racing slicks will allow you to corner faster and get the power down sooner coming out of a turn. The dynamicly balanced motor is wound for power and will make this Ferrari a fantastic racer. And OK, the decals won’t make them any faster but they’ll look like they are.

  • Tyco 440×2 Black Silicone Tires
  • Tyco 440×2 High-Power 3.5 Ohm Arm
  • Auto World Number & Sponsor Decals

New Tomy Mega-G Plus Models

Tomy’s new releases are here… and they’re stunning. New Ford GT Supercars, Audio R18 Le Mans Prototypes along with the classic Ford Cobra Daytona Coupe, this time in the Russkit livery.

There’s even an all-white paintable version of the R18 that with a clever paint scheme and livery decals can be turned into a Mazda, Porsche or Toyota.

To round out Tomy’s newest offerings they’ve brought back their Formula Twin-Pack with a pair on new colorful paint schemes. This F1 Twin-Pack is a great way to purchase two cars that will work with any HO slot car set.

Tomy AFX Ford GT – Silver – MGP

Tomy 22012

Tomy AFX Ford GT – White – MGP

Tomy 22021

Tomy AFX Audi R18 – Silver #7 – MGP

Tomy 22006

Tomy AFX Audi R18 – Black #7 – MGP

Tomy 22007

Tomy AFX Audi R18 – Paintable – MGP

Tomy 22009

Tomy AFX Formula Twin-Pack – MGP

Tomy 22017

These new Audio R18 Protoypes come fitted with a Mega-G Plus Long Wheelbase (LWB) racing chassis.

These chassis incorporate a self contained can motor in an injection molded ABS chassis.

Tomy offers a complete Mega-G Plus LWB Rolling Chassis along with a Tune-Up Parts Kit.

  • Tomy Mega-G+ LWB/F1 Rolling Chassis
  • Tomy Mega-G+ SWB/GT Rolling Chassis
  • Tomy AFX Mega-G+ Tune-Up Kit
  • Tomy AFX MG Jel Claw Fronts (Pair)
  • Tomy AFX MG Jel Claw Front (5 Pair)
  • Tomy AFX MG Jel Claw Rears (Pair)
  • Tomy AFX MG Jel Claw Rear (5 Pair)
  • BSRT Black Silicone Tires (Pair)
  • BSRT Black Silicone Tires (6 Pair)
  • Mega-G++ LWB Tune-Up Parts
  • Mega-G++ LWB Pickup Shoes (3 Pair)
  • Mega-G++ Pickup Springs (3 Pair)
  • Mega-G++ Traction Magnets
  • Mega-G++ 7T Motor Pinion

Tomy AFX Daytona Coupe Blue R – MGP

Tomy 22008

New Auto World ThunderJet 500 TransAm

Auto World has released a TransAm series of ThunderJet 500 slot cars. Along with a Firebird and Mustang, this new series also includes a Dodge and a Mercury as raced by Dan Gurney.

If you’ve never raced a ThunderJet you may like it. They are not nearly as fast as a modern high downforce magnet car, but they’re still a blast to race.

You won’t need any special skills to get these slot cars around a race track other than a steady hand and a little planning. They can be made to drift, but that’s not always the fastest way around.

If you’re old enough to remember the magic of that first Aurora Model Motoring set and the endless hours you raced with your family and friends you’ll know what fun these slot cars can be.

Get a set of all four and recreate one of the greatest American racing series of all times, the SCCA TransAm.

1970 Cuda – Dan Gurney
1966 Mustang – Hayward Ford
1968 Cougar – Dan Gurney
1968 Firebird – Jerry Titus

A set of racing slicks will improve the performance and handling of any ThunderJet 500. These rear slicks replace the standard rubber rear tires with a much softer compound.

Jel-Claws work best on tracks with lots of tight corners, while Silicones tend to work best on tracks with long straights and wider corners. If you’re not sure try a pair of each to tune your ThunderJet for its best performance.

JL/Tuff-Ones Jel Claw Rears (Pair)
JL/Tuff-Ones Jel Claw Rears (5 Pr.)
JL/Tuff-Ones Silicone Tires (Pair)
JL/Tuff-Ones Silicone Tires 6-Pack

Oil is the life-blood of all racing motors, big or small. You don’t need a lot, but you do need to keep them lubricated. These needle point oilers make it easy to put a very small drop of oil right where it’s most needed without making a mess.

Gluidex II Lubricant 1 oz. Oiler

Voodoo Contact Cleaner is a high tech electronics cleaner and lube. Turn your ThunderJet over and apply a small drop to each of the exposed motor brushes.

This stuff really works! You’ll hear the difference as soon as you rev the motor after using Voodoo.

This product can be used on all slot car motors, not just ThunderJets. It can also be used to clean headphone jacks and stereo patch cables. Just a drop is all you’ll need to improve the electrical performance of any slot car motor, Hi-Fi or USB connector.

Voodoo Contact Cleaner 1 oz. Oiler

New Tomy Releases

Tomy has just released two new slot cars. A lime green Camaro and a Blue Daytona Coupe. The new Daytona Coupe is a limited edition. Only 3000 of the #10 livery were produced world-wide, so don’t wait too long, or they’ll be gone.

The new Cobra Coupe has a clear windshield and photo-realistic interior. This is one of the nicest looking Cobras that was ever raced.

  • Tomy AFX Daytona Coupe Blue #10 MGP
  • Tomy AFX Camaro RS – Green – MGP

New – Race Structures

I am now stocking these interesting photo-realistic raceway trackside building kits, properly scaled for Aurora A/FX and Tomy slot cars, along with all Tyco and Life-Like slot cars.

These building kits are made from thick cardstock with photo printed 3D details. All that’s required to build these kits is some glue, a hobby knife and a straight-edge ruler.

The kits include detailed instructions to help you build these finely detailed trackside buildings. More kits are on the way, but these first three promise to make any HO raceway look really great.

See the Structures page for a complete listing of all 12 buildings available.

More Tomy AFX Pony Cars

Tomy has released two more American Pony Cars, A Ford Mustang Mach 1 and Camaro SS 350. Both cars come fitted to the new Mega-G Plus Long Wheelbase (LWB) chassis.

Try a set of Jel-Claw rear slicks for added performance and handling.

Tomy AFX Camaro SS – Red – MGP
Tomy AFX Mustang Mach – White – MGP
Tomy AFX MG Jel Claw Rears (Pair)
Tomy AFX MG Jel Claw Rear (5 Pair)
Tomy AFX Mega-G+ Tune-Up Kit

New Tomy AFX Race Barriers

New for 2018! Tomy has developed a Race Barrier system that’s a really nice alternative to their orange guard rails. These barriers can be used on any Turn or Straight section of track. They can also be attached to the track borders shown below.

One kit contains three 30 inch sections, enough material to cover over 7 feet of track. These crash barriers look great and will keep your valuable slot cars on the table and off of the floor.

Tomy’s Race Barriers are attached to the edge of the track or borders using a high-tech reusable adhesive material. No gluing or fastening clips are needed. In a matter of minutes you can really upgrade your raceway and protect your cars with this great new track accessory.

Tomy AFX 30″ Race Barriers (3 Pcs.)

New Track Borders

I’m now stocking MDF wooden turn borders. These CNC precision-milled borders fit any brand of HO slot car track and can be painted, or covered with my FISA tape kit.

Precision cut from MDF and exactly the right height to create flush mounted turn aprons for both outside and inner turn radius sizes.

They can be secured to a table top using glue, nails, screws or 3M double-sided tape.

18 Inch Outer Borders (Pair)
18 Inch Inner Borders (Pair)

15 Inch Outer Borders (Pair)
15 Inch Inner Borders (Pair)

12 Inch Outer Borders (Pair)
12 Inch Inner Borders (Pair)

9 Inch Outer Borders (Pair)
9 Inch Inner Borders (Pair)

6 Inch Outer Borders (Pair)
6 Inch Inner Borders (Pair)

15 Inch Straight Borders (Pair)
9 Inch Straight Borders (Pair)
6 Inch Straight Borders (Pair)
3 Inch Straight Borders (Pair)

5 Inch Lead In/Out Borders (Pair)

FISA Curb Tape Kit (27 Feet)

Tomy AFX 1970’s American Muscle

Tomy has just released three new 1970’s era American muscle cars. Fitted to the Mega-G+ Long Wheelbase chassis these releases add exciting new models to Tomy’s Collectors Series.

Tomy AFX Camaro Z28 – Yellow – MGP
Tomy AFX Camaro Z28 – Silver – MGP
Tomy AFX Mustang 428 – Orange – MGP

You can see the full line of Tomy AFX slot cars on the Tomy AFX Cars page.

Viper RTR Slot Cars

Viper Ready to Run (RTR) slot cars with pre-painted and trimmed Lexan body shells have arrived. These excellent slot cars are much faster and better handling than any other factory box stock slot cars.

They are available in two chassis variants; a Box Stock Club specification and a Pro Modified Racing version.

See the Viper Racing page for details.

AFX Pit Stop Holographic Theater

Tomy has announced an exciting new product for slot car racing. These pit stops are now available. Two pit stops can be combined for 4-lane raceways.

A free app that works with iPhone 6 and 7 is also available. More iPhones and Android versions coming in the next several months!

If you can’t see the video click here.

21070 AFX Pit Stop Holographic Theater

NEW – Viper Racing Slot Cars & Parts

I’m now offering Viper Racing products. These high performance parts are designed for all Tomy chassis including the Mega-G and Mega-G Plus chassis.

Along with a complete line of hop-up parts, Viper also offers fully race-ready slot cars and rolling chassis for those racers that prefer to simply purchase a complete chassis that’s ready to win right out of the box!

Take a look at the Viper Racing page to see all of the parts are RTR rolling chassis available.

NEW – Tomy AFX Mega-G Plus Releases

Tomy has released another Peugeot 908 LeMans Prototype and a new Ford GT40 livery as raced at 24 Hours of Daytona, along with two new NASCAR body styles; a Chevy SS and Ford Fusion. These are new stock car bodies for Tomy and will be used in the future for additional liveries.

To see the full line of Tomy slot cars see the Tomy AFX Slot Cars page.

  • Tomy AFX Peugeot 908 #10 – MGP
  • Tomy AFX Ford Fusion #74 – MGP
  • Tomy AFX Chevy SS #46 – MGP

NEW – Viper SG+ Racing Chassis

The Viper is a direct replacement for the standard Tomy Super G+Plus chassis. All of the SG+ parts can be transferred to this improved racing chassis.

The Viper Racing chassis includes integral body mounting tubes for fitting lightweight Lexan body shells. These tubes can be easily removed using a side cutter or hobby knife if you prefer to use a GT Body Clip or F1/IndyCar hard-shell body.

A sturdy front bumper protects the guide pin and pickup shoe posts, along with pre-dilled holes at the rear for axle pins. Both 1.5″ and 1.625″ front axle openings allow for the mounting of any Tomy or Aurora A/FX body shell.

The Viper chassis includes a lightened motor timing adjustment bracket and rear traction magnet clip. Just add your Tomy SG+ or BSRT parts to make a very competitive alternative to the Tomy SG+ chassis.

See the Tomy Parts for more information and other Viper racing parts for this fine chassis or a standard SG+ chassis.

Tomy Pro Chassis w/Body Posts
Tomy Pro Chassis w/Traction Mags

Tomy AFX Mega-G Plus Super International

The new Tomy AFX Mega-G Super International Race Set is now in stock. The set now includes four of the new Tomy AFX Mega-G Plus slot cars. The excellent track inventory remains the same.

This is still the best value in HO slot car racing. Plenty of layouts, an enormous amount of track and four of the new ultra-fast Mega-G Plus F1/IndyCars.

This set now includes a pair of tri-power adjustable power supplies. These power packs let you dial back the voltage for younger racers, or run them at full voltage for adults.

See the Race Sets page for layout diagrams and more information about this ever-popular race set.

Tomy AFX 4-Lane Super International

Tomy NASCAR Stockers Race Set

Tomy AFX 2-Lane NASCAR Stockers

Tomy has released a new 2-lane NASCAR race set just in time for the holidays. The set includes 20 feet of track. Enough to build any of four NASCAR ovals and tri-ovals.

Two new Ford and Chevy NASCAR stock cars are included. The Ford Fusion and Chevy SS are only available in this set, making them and this set something of a “collectable.”

All of the set’s corners are 12″ radius Daytona banked turns. You can build any of four famous NASCAR speedways with this race set.

Just Arrived – Peugeot 908 Oreca LMP

Tomy has just released another in their line of Peugeot 908 LeMans Prototype racers. This car has a spectacular paint scheme. This car comes fitted to a Mega-G+Plus LWB chassis.

New – Tomy AFX Digital 2-Lane Lap Counter

Tomy has just released their brand new stand-alone AFX Digital 2-Lane Lap Counter, just in time for Christmas.

This unit will count laps without the need for an expensive computer or tablet device.

Two units can also be linked together to form a 4-lane lap counter system using the cable included with each unit.

Races of up to 99 laps can be run with this new unit. Racers who jump the start are automatically penalized 1 lap!

Lane number stickers 1-4 are included for labeling your track and the Lap Counter itself.

Each Lap Counter runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included.) Setup is easy using the instructions printed on the package.

New Tomy AFX Mega-G Cars Arrive

I’ve just received shipments of 5 new Tomy AFX Mega-G slot cars. A pair of Porsche 962C models and a Ford GT40 as well as the long-awaited paintable versions of the Ford GT40 and Porsche 962C. All 5 cars come mounted on a Tomy AFX Short Wheelbase (SWB) Mega-G chassis.

See the full line-up of Tomy AFX slot cars on the Tomy Slot Cars page.

Tomy AFX Porsche 962 Racing #1 – MG
Tomy AFX Porsche 962 Camera#14 – MG

I don’t have art yet, but the Ford GT40 and Porsche 962C in all white paintable versions are also available. Both come mounted on a SWB Mega-G chassis with black wheels and racing slicks. See the Decals page for a large assortment of suitable decals.

Tomy AFX Porsche 962 Paintable

An all-white paintable version of the Peugeot 908 LMP racer is also available. The Peugeot 908 is mounted on a LWB Mega-G chassis with black wheels and racing slicks. See the Decals page for an assortment of suitable decals.

Tomy AFX Peugeot 908 – Paintable

Tomy SG+ PolyMags Back in Stock

Tomy SG+ PolyMag Traction Magnets are back in stock. These are direct replacement traction magnets for the Super G+Plus chassis. They have slightly better downforce, matching the original Gray 2-Dot traction magnets shipped with Primus SG+ chassis and RTR slot cars in the 1990’s.

See the Magnets page for details.

New! Life-Like NASCAR Cup Cars

NASCAR – Lowes #48 – 2012
NASCAR – AARP #24 – 2012
NASCAR – Amp #88 – 2012
NASCAR – Mountain Dew #88 – 2012
NASCAR – Farmers Ins. #5 – 2012

Panoz LMP Body Kits

These injection-molded Panoz LMP Body Kits fit the Tomy AFX SRT or Turbo F1/IndyCar LWB chassis. They are high-quality precision body shells available in White and Red plastic, ready for decoration.

See the Decals page for several suitable decal sheets.

Panoz LMP1 – Turbo/SRT Body – White
Panoz LMP1 – Turbo/SRT Body – Red

These body shells will also fit the Tomy Super G+Plus chassis if you remove the GT Clip and use a Lexan body mounting kit instead. One kit will mount 2-3 body shells.

BSRT Velcro Body Mounting Kit

AW FlameThrowers are Back!

The latest Auto World X-Traction Release 11 returns with their popular FlameThrowers. These new models have working headlights! Included in this new release are a Jeep Wrangler, 1955 Chevy Nomad, Plymouth GTX, 2005 Ford GT, Pontiac Firebird and 1971 Chevy Camaro.

Visit the Auto World slot car page to see the complete line-up of Auto World slot cars available.

AFX Mega-G Price Cut 15-20%

I’ve reduced the price on all Tomy A/FX Mega-G Ready to Run slot cars by 15 to 20 percent! Just in time for Christmas.

See the full line of Tomy A/FX Mega-G slot cars on the Tomy Slot Cars page along with older Tomy Super G+Plus, Turbo and SRT offerings.

Merry Christmas.

New Tomy AFX Mega-G Releases

Tomy has just released more new Mega-G slot cars. Along with a new Audi R10 and Peugeot 908 that recently ran at the 24 Hours of LeMans, they’re also producing several factory prototypes from the FIA Group C era that competed at la Sarthe.

The new Audi R10 and Peugeot 908 LMP runs on the Mega-G LWB chassis, while Group C era Porsches and Mercedes come fitted to a Mega-G SWB chassis. The Mercedes C9 has been re-produced with clear windscreens and a fully detailed interior.

See the Tomy Slot Cars page for the complete line of Tomy AFX slot cars available.

  • Tomy AFX Audi R10 Test – Black – MG
  • Tomy AFX Mercedes C9 #62 – MG
  • Tomy AFX Porsche 962 Blue #17 – MG
  • Tomy AFX Porsche 962 Red #5 – MG

Mega-G LeMans Prototypes in Stock!

Tomy’s Mega-G LeMans Prototypes have arrived! Both the Audi R10 and Peugeot 908 LMP 2-car factory team’s sports cars are available on the new Tomy AFX Mega-G chassis.

These beautifully detailed cars come mounted on the Tomy AFX Mega-G Long Wheelbase (LWB) 1.7 chassis. See the Tomy AFX Cars page for all of the new Tomy AFX Mega-G slot cars currently available.

Tomy AFX Audi R10 2008 – #1 – MG
Tomy AFX Audi R10 2008 – #3 – MG

Tomy AFX Peugeot 908 2008 – #8 – MG
Tomy AFX Peugeot 908 2008 – #7 – MG

Life-Like American Muscle Cars

Life-Like’s Chevy Camaro and Mustang GT muscle cars are back in stock just in time for Christmas. These two body shells come fitted on Life-Like’s Fast Tracker Maxx Traxx™ chassis.

These cars feature an improved tire profile for gripping the track, traction magnets for higher cornering speeds, a new micro-balanced axle for a smoother ride, center magnets for all-over control, a custom armature for horsepower and precision windings for acceleration.

Chevy and Ford fans alike will love these new slot cars from Life-Like.

  • Life-Like 2010 Mustang GT – Blue
  • Life-Like 2010 Camaro – Orange

New Tomy Mega-G Classics

Tomy has just introduced three more GT racing classics. These GTs are mounted on the new Mega-G SWB slot car chassis. The level of detail is remarkable, right down to the detailed interior.

  • Tomy AFX Ford GT40 Gold #4 – MG
  • Tomy AFX Daytona Coupe Blue #6 – MG

Hop-Up Parts for Mega-G Chassis

Several new Mega-G hop-up parts are now available. Black Delrin front and rear wheels along with Delrin gears, a new splined rear axle and gear boss make it possible to upgrade any Mega-G chassis.

See the Tomy Parts page for more information

Mega-G O-Ring Front End (0.350)
Mega-G Delrin Hubs 0.265 (Pair)
Mega-G Splined Rear Axle
Mega-G PolyMag Traction Mags
Mega-G 7T Motor Pinion Gear
Mega-G 23T Axle Crown Gear
Mega-G Rear Axle Gear Boss

Hot BSRT Parts for Mega-G Chassis

BSRT has just introduced new hop-up parts for the Tomy AFX Mega-G chassis. Gold-plated pickup shoes and hot motor armatures along with silicone rear tires will improve the performance of any Mega-G slot car.

BSRT Mega-G Pro Steel Guide Pin

BSRT Mega-G Hot-Stock Armature

The BSRT starts with a hand-picked Tomy AFX Mega-G motor armature. This arm is then worked-up by BSRT in a multi-step process which includes epoxy-coated motor windings, a diamond-trued commutator and precision state-of-the-art dynamic balancing.

These Hot-Stock motors have the same electrical characteristics of a box-stock motor, but with improved speed and acceleration due to dynamic balancing and blueprinting. These motors will work with your current power supply; anything from Tomy wall-packs to high-amperage Astrons.

BSRT Mega-G High-Power 3.5 Ohm $36.00

BSRT is also offering a worked up “High Power” Mega-G motor armature. This arm is much hotter than the box-stock or hot-stock parts with a lower electrical resistance of 3.5 Ohms for much higher speeds.

BSRT uses its state-of-the-art multi-step manufacturing process which includes a tied-off, diamond-trued commutator, epoxy-coated motor windings and precision state-of-the-art dynamic motor balancing.

Note: These High-Power motors require a good power supply; either the new Tomy AFX Tri-Power pack or a high-amperage Astron unit.

BSRT Silicone Slicks for Mega-G Chassis

BSRT produces a fantastic Silicone rear tire for the Tomy AFX Mega-G chassis. These tires are direct replacements for the hard-rubber rear tires supplied by the factory. They will slip right on the factory rear hub and make a huge improvement in handling and cornering performance of any Mega-G slot car.

This is The Best single performance improvement upgrade you can make to the Mega-G slot car chassis.

BSRT Black Silicone Tires (Pair)
BSRT Black Silicone Tires (6 Pair)

Auto World Rat Fink – XTraction

Auto World’s latest X-Traction release features Hot Rod Magazine’s Rat Fink collection. Included in this new release are a Chevy Nomad, Dodge Charger, VW Microbus, Pontiac Firebird, Ford Bronco and Hummer H2 all done up in Rat Fink graphics.

Visit the Auto World slot car page to see the complete line-up of Auto World slot cars available.

1955 Chevy Nomad – Black
1955 Chevy Nomad – Red
1965 VW Microbus – Green
1965 VW Microbus – Red
1969 Dodge Charger – Black
1969 Dodge Charger – Yellow
1977 Pontiac Firebird – Blue
1977 Pontiac Firebird – Red
Ford Baja Bronco – Purple
Ford Baja Bronco – Red
Hummer H2 – Turquoise
Hummer H2 – Purple

NHRA Top Fuel Dragsters

Auto World does it again! NHRA Top Fuel Dragsters are Auto World’s latest slot car release. These are an all-new design, employing AW’s 4-Gear Specialty chassis. Last year’s successful launch of the John Force Dragway race set is followed this Christmas season with 4 spectacular NHRA Top Fuel Dragsters.

These new slot cars are sure to be a hit with slot car racers; veteran and novice alike. Try a pair of these rails and see what all the fun is about, or buy all 4 models. These are sure to become collectable.

I sell the entire line of Auto World slot cars including these latest NHRA Top Fuel Dragsters.

NHRA Top Fuel Dragster – Al-Anabi
NHRA Top Fuel Dragster – Copart
NHRA Top Fuel Dragster – Fram
NHRA Top Fuel Dragster – U.S. Army
NHRA Top Fuel Dragster 4-Pack – R7

A second release of AW Top Fuel Dragsters is now available. These are four all-new liveries of the popular rail dragsters

NHRA Top Fuel Dragster – Parts Plus
NHRA Top Fuel Dragster – Geico
NHRA Top Fuel Dragster – Mac Tools
NHRA Top Fuel Dragster – Aarons
Add NHRA Top Fuel Dragster 4-Pack

Note: A pair of Slip-on Silicone Drag Slicks will improve traction out of the hole and reduce run times over the factory stock rubber slicks.

A/FX Dragster – Silicones

Dodge Fever

Dodge Fever continues with Auto World’s XTraction Release 9. Following the successful Mopar Mania series several years ago, Dodge Fever returns with a stunning lineup of Mopar Muscle!

Each car in this 12-car set comes fitted to an X-Traction Ultra-G chassis, packaged in an attractive Jewel Display Case.

Six Dodge models in all, in two colors each. The X-Traction Ultra-G chassis includes a removable Neodymium Button Magnet at the rear to improve cornering and handling performance.

New Life-Like NASCAR Cup Cars Arrive!

Life-Like has added five new NASCAR Sprint Cup Cars to their fall line-up. You can see the complete selection of Life-Like NASCAR Sprint Cup Cars on the Life-Like Slot Cars page.

NASCAR – Lowes #48 – 2011
NASCAR – National Guard #88 – 2011
NASCAR – GoDaddy #5 – 2011
NASCAR – Amp #88 – 2011
NASCAR – AARP #24 – 2011

Auto World ThunderJet500 Release 7 In Stock!

The latest Auto World ThunderJet 500 release is here. These T-Jets come complete with AW’s new Ultra-G chassis. This chassis includes a small removable Neodymium button traction magnet at the rear for better handling and cornering.

Auto World T-Jet Release 7-BThis new release includes a number of Chevy models along with the popular VW Beetle and Buick Riviera. See them all on the Auto World page.

Tomy AFX Mega-G Repair Parts – In Stock!

Replacement parts for the new Tomy AFX Mega-G chassis are now available!

Along with Tune-Up Kits and Pick-Up Shoes, you now can also purchase box-stock motors, brushes, springs and tubes.

See the Tomy AFX Parts page for details.

NHRA John Force Pro Racing Dragway

This is perhaps the coolest thing to happen in HO slot car racing this year. Snowstorms in Indiana delayed delivery for Christmas, but the NHRA John Force Pro Racing Dragway and eight new NHRA Pro Stock and Funny Cars are now here, and they’re going fast!

This is a fully functioning NHRA Drag Strip in a box. Two Castrol GTX Funny Cars driven by John Force and his daughter Ashley are included in this Tomy track-compatible race set.

NHRA John Force Pro Racing Dragway

This complete turn-key dragway set includes everything you’ll need to stage your own NHRA drag races at home:

John & Ashley Force NHRA Funny Cars
A Working LED Christmas Tree
In-Track Foul Light Sensors
Electronic Finish Gate w/ Win Indicators
12 Feet of Tomy-Style Track
Power Pack & Variable-Speed Controllers

A 1:64 Scale Quarter Mile is actually 20.625 Feet in length, not the 12 foot run that Auto World supplied with its race set, but because they used Tomy style track you can easily make it a true scale 1/4 mile by simply purchasing seven (7) sections of Tomy A/FX 15″ straight track to recreate a full 1/4 mile drag strip if you have the room.

Tomy AFX Dragway Extension 7×15″

More NHRA Pro Stock & Funny Cars

Auto World has released a second set of NHRA Pro Stock and Funny Cars in new race team liveries. Each car comes complete with an Auto World 4-Gear racing chassis. These cars will run on Auto World’s Drag Strip as well as any HO scale road course or oval speedway.

NHRA Funny Car – John Force Castrol
NHRA Funny Car – Brand Source
NHRA Funny Car – Castrol GTX
NHRA Funny Car – LRS
NHRA Funny Car – Quick Lane
NHRA Funny Car – DieHard

NHRA Pro Stock – Service Central
NHRA Pro Stock – Kendall Oil

NHRA ProStock/Funny Car 8-Pack R6

Tomy AFX Formula Mega-G Cars!

Tomy AFX Formula AmJet #29 – MG

Tomy AFX Formula Twin-Pack – MGP

NEW – Tomy AFX Mega-G Tune-Up Kits

Tomy AFX has released Tune-Up Kits for their new line of Mega G Slot Cars.

These tune-up kits include the most commonly required replacement parts needed to keep the Mega-G chassis operating at their best.

Individual Tomy AFX Mega-G repair parts will be made available in early 2010, but for right now the only spare parts available are those included in these new Tune-Up Kits.

Each Mega-G Tune-Up Kit includes the following items:

Pick-Up Shoes (LWB) (Pair)
Pick-Up Shoes (SWB) (Pair)
Pick-Up Shoe Springs (4)
Guide Pin
7T Motor Pinion Gear
Rear Axle Assembly w/ 25T Crown Gear
Rear Wheels (Pair)
Rear Tires (Pair)

Tomy AFX Mega-G Tune-Up Kit

Tomy AFX Mega G Champ Cars are Back!

Tomy’s new Mega-g Champ Cars are back in stock. Due to licensing issues however the Red Bull #21 car will no longer be available. These are Tomy’s best RTR slot cars; They’re smooth, fast and quiet!

Tomy AFX Champ Car #14 – MG

The silicone tires listed below will slip right on the standard rear wheels of the new Mega G chassis to improve traction and handling.

BSRT Black Silicone Tires (Pair)

NEW – Tomy AFX Super G+Plus Jel Claws

Jel Claws are a new high-performance rear tire designed to fit any Tomy AFX Super G+Plus chassis. These tires can be fitted directly to the factory flanged-hub used on the Tomy SG+ chassis.

A pair of these rear tires will do more to improve the performance of a box-stock Tomy SG+ slot car than any other single performance upgrade you can perform.

I stock a full line of Jel Claws for all of the popular slot car chassis. See the Tires page for a complete listing.

Tomy AFX SG+ Jel Claw Rears (Pair)
Tomy AFX SG+ Jel Claw Rear (5 Pair)

NEW – Auto World X-Traction Release 8

The new Auto World X-Traction Release is here! These are some of Auto World’s most popular body styles in all-new color schemes.

Each car in this new 12-car set comes complete with an X-Traction Ultra-G chassis and is packaged in an attractive Jewel Display Case.

The AW X-Traction Ultra-G chassis is a standard X-Traction chassis with a removable Neodymium Button Magnet at the rear of the chassis to improve cornering and handling performance.

Mega-G Ford GT40 Collection Arrives

Tomy is producing a short wheelbase version of its popular Mega-G slot car chassis that accepts any Tomy or Aurora A/FX body other than Formula 1/IndyCar open wheel racers.

The Ford GT40 collection is the first of what will be many Mega-G sportscar and GTP releases in the coming months on the new Mega-G Short Wheelbase (SWB) chassis.

The Ford GT40 racecars below are shown on the old-style SRT style chassis and wheels. Cars shipped actually have Short Wheelbase Mega-G Chassis and detailed wheels and tires.

Tomy AFX Ford GT40 Blue #1 – MG

Tomy AFX Ford GT40 Red #3 – MG

Tomy AFX Ford GT40 Red #3 – MGP

Tomy AFX Mega-G Clear Series

Tomy AFX Ford GT40 Blue #6 – MG

Tomy AFX Daytona Coupe Red #59 – MG

Tomy AFX Daytona Coupe Silver – MG

NEW – Life-Like NASCAR Cars of Tomorrow

Life-Like has introduced 6 new NASCAR models to its stock car line-up. All six new models are the current Cars of Tomorrow for 2010. All COT stock cars come on a Life-Like’s Fast Tracker “T” Chassis with dual neodymium button traction magnets.

9151 NASCAR Lowes #48 – 2010
9152 NASCAR GoDaddy #5 – 2010
9153 NASCAR Aflac #99 – 2010
9154 NASCAR Valvoline #17 – 2010
9155 NASCAR Office Depot #14 – 2010
9156 NASCAR Army #39 – 2010 $29.99

Along with the new NASCAR models shown above, Life-Like has added two Sprint Cars as well. These cars have break-away wings for spectacular crashes. When a wing pops off… just snap it back on again!

See the Life-Like Slot Cars for Sale page to order yours!

NEW – Auto World Releases

New Auto World XTraction (R7) and Racing Rigs (R1) are now available. These are some of the nicest Auto World releases to date. The latest XTraction release includes the new Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger along with a VW Microbus and Dodge Charger Squad Cars.

Auto World’s new Racing Rigs series includes a pair of Tankers and Trailers in colorful paint schemes. These trucks are a departure from AW’s normal slot car offerings. Based upon the original Aurora A/FX Trucks offered over thirty years ago, these new releases illustrate just how far modern injection molding and tampo pad printing technologies have come.

See the Auto World Slot Cars for Sale page for more details and to purchase these outstanding new slot car and truck releases.

NEW – Tomy AFX Racing Tees

Tomy AFX Racing Tee-Shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton. AFX logos are silk-screened on both the front and back. Available in sizes from Small to 3X-Large.

Auto World Release 6 In Stock

Auto World’s sixth release of X-Traction slot cars are now in stock. These cars use the new X-Traction Ultra-G chassis. An Ultra-G chassis includes a small removable Neodymium button magnet at the rear of the chassis for added downforce and better handling performance.

Three all new body styles are included in this latest release of Auto World X-Cars; a Dodge Viper GTS-R, Corvette C5R and 2007 Dodge Charger. Go the Auto World Slot Cars for Sale page to order yours today.

Cobra Bodies for ThunderJets

New Shelby Cobra 427 S/C Bodies for Aurora ThunderJet chassis as well as Johnny Lightning and Auto World reproductions are now available.

These high-quality injection molded ABS plastic bodies are available in twelve different color schemes. They come fully assembled and painted. Chrome plated bumpers, side pipes and a roll bar make these the nicest T-Jet bodies ever made.

Just mount them on any T-Jet chassis and you’re ready to go racing. For more information and to order yours go to the ThunderJet page.

New Auto World Super III Cars In Stock!

Auto World’s new Super III chassis is now available. The first release includes several Ford Mustangs as well as late model stock cars from Chevy, Ford and Dodge.

This is an all-new modern in-line chassis with adjustable neodymium traction magnets. Auto World has opted for unique body mounting points, so these bodies will not fit Aurora, Tomy or Auto World XTraction chassis, nor can existing Aurora, Tomy or Auto World bodies be fitted to the Super III chassis.

See the Auto World Slot Cars for Sale page to purchase these new Auto World Super III slot cars.

New Tomy AFX Track

Tomy has just released some new tracks sections. First up is a Tomy AFX 18″ Radius 1/8 Circle Turn. These ultra-wide radius turns are ideal for faster modern slot cars as well as older vintage Aurora T-Jets and A/FX slot cars. They nest perfectly outside a 15″ radius turn on 4-lane raceways.

Tomy AFX 18″ Radius 1/8 Circle Turn

Tomy has also re-released their Dual 15″ Power Track. These power terminal tracks allow two (2) power packs to be plugged into a single terminal track for true independently powered lanes, no more power robbing or surges when your opponent in the lane next to you de-slots.

These Dual 15″ Power Tracks also make it possible now to hook up Parma hand controls with 3-wire brakes! Tomy has dropped the orange and purple tampo printing on these new power tracks to give them a much more attractive appearance. Don’t forget to order an extra power pack when purchasing these new terminal tracks.

Tomy AFX 15″ Dual Power Track
Tomy AFX 22 VDC Power Pack

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