Gorilla Glue VS Super Glue VS Krazy Glue – Comparison & Differences

Glue is a product that almost every household has stored somewhere. A need for glue can arise at any time during the day. The importance of the need might vary from fixing the bottom of your shoe to putting up your Monday morning project just the night prior.

glue comparison

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Depending on the importance of the situation, you might need different types of glue. That’s right, the strengths and characteristics of glue differ based on which type you are using. There are three main types of glues. Given below is a Gorilla Glue vs. Super Glue vs. Krazy Glue comparison to help you out.

Points Of Differences

Products Original Gorilla Glue Loctite Super Glue Professional All Purpose Krazy Glue
Application Temperature Above 40°F Do not apply below 50°F Above 40°F
Service Temperature 40° to 200°F Up to 180°F 40° to 200° F
Outdoor  Yes Yes Yes
Moisture Resistant Waterproof Waterproof Waterproof
Gap Filling No No No

What Is Used To Make Them?

Super Glue

First on the list is Gorilla Glue. Gorilla glue is created using an out-of-the-ordinary type of polymer called Polyurethane. Polyurethane is quite different and used by very few fixatives. However, it is utilized in the making of numerous things. This polymer type is used in anything, from mouldable artifacts to wooden furniture.

Its versatility is why it is especially strong when in the form of glue. Polyurethane will stick to more or less anything when used as an adhesive, which is not the case for most similar types. What makes Gorilla Glue so special is its extensive use of this polymer.

Next in the comparison is Super Glue. It is on the conventional sides of adhesives that we use. People have trusted it for quite a long time. But that does not give it the title of the best glue. This glue is made out of a polymer not similar to Polyurethane.

Super glue comes from a polymer called cyanoacrylate. Although slightly toxic, it is still extensively used throughout most manufacturing and medical businesses.

Cyanoacrylate works especially well when exposed to moisture. You rarely encounter a completely dry surface in the fields where super glue is used. Because of no encounters with dry surfaces, super glue works well on almost all surfaces.

Lastly, take a look at Krazy Glue. Krazy glue works extremely well when used with a device called an applicator. This device is available when you buy the glue itself. Using an applicator while applying Krazy Glue increases the accuracy of your work. Krazy glue is used only for household fixes like a broken cup or flower pot, not industrial work.

This glue is made from the same material that helps make Super glue, cyanoacrylate. This similarity is one of the reasons you won’t see much difference between the properties of Super glue and Krazy Glue and their uses.

Difference In Their Adaptability

Difference In Glue Adaptability

Gorilla glue will work on more or less any surface when it comes to being adaptable. While most fixatives struggle to stick to smooth surfaces, Gorilla glue has no problem working with them. Hence, it is mainly used so often for smoother broken surfaces or things made out of materials like glass.

Another factor that adds to this glue’s versatility is its availability as per convenience. Based on the surface type, you can buy a type of Gorilla glue made specifically for it. For example, factors like drying time, better compatibility with plastics, etc. Considering these points, it would be wise to say that Gorilla glue is the most adaptable of all three types of glue.

Compared to the previous glue, Super glue is relatively less adaptable. While the previous one excels at sticking even smooth surfaces, Super glue might struggle to stick these surfaces in most cases.

Another drawback of this glue is the moisture condition that it requires to work well. While the moisture present in the air will help the glue to work, it might not perform well under certain circumstances, such as hot sunny days.

Super glue falls short in versatility compared to Gorilla glue. However, it works completely fine in most household scenarios.

It even works great on toys, for example, a broken wooden train set can be saved with a bit of super glue!

Similar to Super Glue, even Krazy glue has a hard time sticking to well-polished surfaces. Aside from this problem, this glue will work well on almost all surfaces. This glue, too, has a requirement for moisture to fix well. However, it is not a lot. Natural moisture found in the object that you’re gluing will work just fine.

Bonding Time Of The Glues

Bonding Time Of The Glues - Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is a comparatively slow-drying glue. The time it takes to dry up and harden is slower than average. You might think of purchasing the type of Gorilla Glue that dries up fast, but it would be wise to rather go for another option since the fast-drying variant of this glue also takes time to stick to surfaces.

Super glue on the other hand has an incredible bonding time. While most other glues need the main fluid between both surfaces to evaporate for them to bond strongly, Super glue sticks together instantly once in contact with moisture. Even the moisture from the object that is being joined is enough for the glue to get to work.

Due to the similarity in their properties, Super glue and Krazy glue have almost the same bonding time. Just like the previous one, Krazy glue also solidifies instantly once it comes in contact with moisture.

These both might have faster bonding times than most other adhesives, however, with such instantaneous bonding, it is easier to make a mistake and difficult to correct it.


That was a well-researched Gorilla Glue vs Super Glue vs Krazy Glue comparison. All three types of glues that were mentioned work well under their own ideal conditions. It is up to you to decide which one you want to use based on the given conditions and requirements.


Gorilla Glue VS Super Glue VS Krazy Glue - FAQs

1. Is Super Glue the same as Krazy Glue?

Super Glue and Krazy Glue are both created from cyanoacrylate which is why they tend to have similar properties.

2. What is the best glue for anything?

In terms of adaptability and versatility, Gorilla Glue is the best. It sticks to any surface including smooth surfaces like glass.

3. Which is better: Krazy Glue or Super Glue?

Both these glues are quite similar in almost every aspect. There is no better choice between the two as they work in almost the same manner and have similar benefits.

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