Oils, Lubricants & Tire Cleaners for Slot Cars

Throughout the pages of this web site I’ve stressed the need for lubricants and cleaners to keep your slot cars performing at their best. This page lists all of the various oils, lubricants and cleaners found on other pages in one central location.

Along with selling the BSRT line of lubricants I also sell a complete selection of Slick 7, MB Slot and AJ’s products.

Slot car motors and axles need lubrication to spin freely. A small drop of oil can make a huge difference in a slot car’s performance.

HO slot car chassis are molded from various types of plastic, all of which are petroleum-based compounds, and because they are made of plastic, petroleum-based oils should not be used, as these types of oil will break down the plastic chassis over time.

Synthetic oils and lubricants on the other hand, are safe and will not harm plastic slot car chassis.

BSRT Micro Pin-Point Oiler

This is good general-purpose synthetic oil specially formulated for slot cars. If you’re racing on a budget and only want to purchase a single lubricant then this is the one to get.

Safe for all types of plastic chassis including Tomy, Tyco, Life-Like and BSRT as well as all vintage Aurora chassis and Auto World/Johnny Lightning reproductions.

The micro pin-point applicator makes it easy to put a very small drop of oil exactly where it’s needed without making a mess.

BSRT G-Juice Pin-Point Oiler

BSRT asked Red Line™, the most respected racing oil producer, to create a synthetic racing oil exclusively for slot car racers. BSRT G-Juice is the result.

This lubricant can be used on any modern or vintage slot car. Its ultra-thin composition makes it ideal for both axles and motor bearings.

BSRT G-Lube Gear Lube

Slot car gears also need to be lubricated. Using normal oil as a gear lube doesn’t work very well and usually winds up being thrown off the gears and sprayed all over the track.

BSRT G-Lube on the other hand is designed to stick to gears and keep your track clean.

This lubricant will improve the performance of all types of gears including; Box-Stock Plastic, Nylatron, Delrin and Polymer compounds.

BSRT G-Lube is also excellent for Aurora T-Jet and A/FX chassis with 3-gear pancake power trains. When applied to an Aurora gear plate it will work itself under the brass gears and provide a smooth running, quiet slot car.

AJ’s Track & Tire Cleaner
This is a good general-purpose track and tire cleaner. Cleans all types of slot car tires including, box-stock rubber, sponge foam and silicone compounds.

Apply a drop to each rear tire to clean, then remove with a soft, clean rag or paper towel.

A cleaning solvent is the best way to clean slot car tires. Avoid using tape which leaves a sticky film that attracts dust.

Voodoo Contact Cleaner 1 oz. Oiler
A clean motor commutator and brushes are essential for getting the maximum power from a slot car’s motor. This product cleans and lubricates a motor’s crucial electrical components.

Unlike some of the other “com drop” products on the market, Voodoo Contact Cleaner is completely safe and will never damage delicate commutator contacts.

Voodoo Contact Cleaner is also ideal for motor break-in.

A single drop of this cleaner is all it takes. The pin-point oiler makes it simple to apply a single drop of cleaner to the motor commutator.

On modern Tomy and Tyco slot cars apply a single drop directly to the exposed motor commutator. On Aurora T-Jets and A/FX chassis apply a drop to each of the motor brushes visible from the underside of the chassis.

Gluidex II Lubricant 1 oz. Oiler
This synthetic lubricant is blended specifically for bronze bearings and bushings. It forms a microscopically thin film of lubricant on bronze bearing surfaces.

This product is specially formulated for the bronze motor bearings found on modern Tomy, Tyco and BSRT slot cars. Apply a drop to both the front and rear motor bearings.

Gluidex II can also be used on can-style motors with bronze motor bearings.

Empty 1 oz. Micro-Oiler Bottle
This Empty 1 oz. Micro-Oiler Bottle can be filled with your favorite oil, lubricant or cleaner.

It’s easy to fill, just squeeze the air out of the bottle and insert the needle into the fluid to be loaded and then draw the fluid into the container.

The pin-point applicator will put a small drop of any fluid exactly where you want it. This item is perfect for applying very small amounts of Tire Magic (shown below) to your slot car’s rear tires.

Tire Magic – 8 oz. Bottle
This is the best tire cleaner available! Tire Magic will clean all types of slot car tires including; box-stock rubber, silicone and sponge foam.

Don’t let the price deter you. You get a giant 8 oz. bottle that will last for many, many years. For best results use the Empty 1 oz. Micro-Oiler Bottle shown above as an applicator.

Just apply a small drop to each rear tire and let it flow over the tire surface, then wipe it off.

This product along with cleaning tires also improves traction and produces lower laps times.

This stuff is truly magic!

Simichrome Polish
Simichrome Polish is used to break-in or lap gears. Put a small dab on the pinion and motor gears and run them in at a low voltage of 2-3 VDC for 15-30 minutes to polish the gear surfaces.

Simichrome Polish is also ideal for lapping gears on older vintage Aurora T-Jets and A/FX chassis. Put a dab on the gear plate between each of the gears and run them for 15-30 minutes at low voltage to polish the gears as well as the nylon gearplate itself. This same technique can also be used on Johnny Lightning/Auto World reproduction chassis.

Loctite Black Max Adhesive
Loctite Black Max is a super-strong adhesive formulated to glue tough plastic compounds, such as those used to mold slot car chassis.

Loctite Black Max can also be used to glue Delrin, a plastic that does not take well to super glue products.

This adhesive will work with Nylatron, Delrin and Polymer plastics along with Styrene and ABS.

It’s great for chassis repairs and for mounting Lexan body tubes.