12 Best Toy Fire Trucks for Our Little Ones 2024 – Excellent Quality Toys for Kids

Best Toy Fire Trucks for Our Little Ones - Excellent Quality Toys for Kids

The best toy fire truck can be an old-school vehicle or a sophisticated one with a modern vibe. No matter the style, it remains a classic toy that boys and girls have loved throughout the years. What makes them attracted are the lights, siren sounds, and bright colors. It is a replica of real fire trucks in a small size that can fit in children’s hands.

With many choices available in the market, finding fire truck toys for 3-year-olds can be confusing and more challenging than you might think. But that doesn’t make it an impossible task to take on. You need essential factors that you check in every product, and these will help you decide if that toy is worth considering.

  • Features: Lights and sound features are the most common for fire truck toys, but you will also find models that lack these. Deciding will all depend on one’s preference and the kid’s age.
  • Age-Appropriate: Each kid has different interests, developmental needs, and capabilities, which are all critical factors in choosing a toy. Check the recommended age on the packaging and consider it alongside your child’s potential.
  • Set: What are the pieces and parts included in the package? This will give you an idea of whether it comes with everything your child wants or prefers in a toy. Some sets only come with the truck, while others include accessory items extending playtime.

Never waste your time on a dull and so-so toy. Always aim for the best fire truck toy because that is what your little one deserves. In the next section, you will see some of the brands and models you will encounter in your search. We reviewed twelve of them; see if you can find a potential product to add to your list.

Top 12 Toy Fire Truck Reviews

1. WolVol Comfire Electric Fire Truck Toy

WolVol Comfire Electric Fire Truck Toy

Are you considering a fire truck toy for a 2-year-old? There are countless in the market, but if you want some great options, you can check out WolVol.

They have this stunning fire truck with a realistic design. Kids can see the tool rack and the engine to get a close-up look at the vehicle’s inner workings. There are tools and axes that firefighters use that can be observed through the truck’s window.

Moreover, the fun features of this toy will surely put a smile on children’s faces. The vibrant colors are appealing, and the furnished parts are attractive. Besides, it is equipped with flashing lights that deliver a spectrum of colors in 3D effect. Turn off the lights in the room and be mesmerized by the light show display. No time is boring with this toy.

This truck toy offers imaginative play. It inspires a creative role play activity where children can be the hero of the day. Kids can imitate the brave firefighters and rush to extinguish fires in this fire truck. Sound the alarm and watch the headlights light up for a realistic experience.

The bump and go action allows the truck to spin 360 degrees. Toddlers can also move it forward and backward on any flat surface. There is no stopping the fun; this rescue fire truck can change its direction when it comes in contact with an object or a wall. Playtime is extended and more exciting than ever.

  • Realistic design
  • Fun features
  • Comes with a light-up display
  • Offers imaginative play
  • Bump and go action
  • No switch for the sound
 Advantage:  The only issue with this unit is that there is no switch for the sound, and you cannot turn the volume down or off. It can get annoying for parents who want to have a quiet time when their kids play.

 Disadvantage:  Nonetheless, fire trucks for boys like this one can also make parents happy. It comes with fantastic features and offers an opportunity to tickle children’s creativity and critical thinking skills.

2. Green Toys FTK01R Fire Truck

Green Toys FTK01R Fire Truck

Get the best fire truck toys from Green Toys. They are one of the best brands in the market that offers excellent quality toys.

Take a look at this toy truck with impressive and authentic detailing. It is manufactured and assembled in the United States, and the sturdy design features three ladders. It looks and feels like a mini fire truck replica of a real-life one, so kids can have a great time roleplaying with it.

Whether indoors or outdoors, wherever you bring this truck, it is ready for fun play. There is no need to worry about dirt clinging to the toy; this is an easy-to-clean truck. You can use baby shampoo or mild soap to wash it. It is also dishwasher safe, so you can just toss it in and it’ll come out all clean.

The features and functions of this fire truck toy offer an imaginative play since it is excellent for role-playing. When kids work on the moving parts with their hands and fingers, they develop gross and fine motor skills. Moving the truck back and forth improves pincer grip.

This truck is manufactured from environmentally-friendly materials, and it does not contain PVC, BPA, or phthalates. Besides, it meets the FDA food standard and is totally child-safe. The packaging is made with durable recycled materials and soy inks for its prints.

  • Authentic detailing
  • Great for indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to clean
  • Offers imaginative play
  • Child-safe
  • Environment-friendly
  • No sound and light effects
 Advantage:  But there is a minor issue that I want to point out. If your kid prefers a toy truck with flashy lights and honking horns, then you will find this a so-so toy. There are no lights and sound effects in this Green Toys fire truck.

 Disadvantage:  This Green Toys fire truck is for those who want to opt for environment-friendly products. It is also easy to clean, which is ideal for busy parents.

3. Zetz Brands Electric Fire Truck Kids Toy

Zetz Brands Electric Fire Truck Kids Toy

Many of the best toy fire trucks are sold in your local store or online. Finding the best one can be a challenge, but you can start looking from Zetz Brands.

This truck for kids has a bump and go mechanism allowing it to run on smooth surfaces with ease. It makes the vehicle appear like it is driving on its own. In detail, the fire truck aligns its wheels automatically, enabling it to change direction when bumping into something. Moreover, it can double as a push toy with a single push of a button. No playtime will be cut short, only extended.

While running, the truck will display its wide range of colorful flashing 4D light effects on the floor and the wall. The entertaining, bright lights will bring the toy to life for a delightful time. You can also hear the sounds playing in the background, making your child feel like a hero coming to save the day.

The functionality and features of this sensory toy assist in developing gross and fine motor skills. It offers an engaging role-play opportunity, which helps young children, and they will have a good time learning through play.

  • Bump and go mechanism
  • Can be a push toy
  • 4D lights and sound features
  • Develops important skills
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • No sound switch to adjust the volume
 Advantage:  This red truck is made of high-quality ABS plastic, so you can expect no falling parts. T his will surely accompany your little one for a long time. The only problem here is there is no sound switch, and it means you cannot adjust the volume of the sounds, which can be bothersome for some parents.

 Disadvantage:  This firefighter truck toy has two play options since it can be pushed around or run on its own. Younger kids who love toys that make noises and light up will surely adore this.

4. FUNERICA Toy Fire Truck with Lights

FUNERICA Toy Fire Truck with Lights

Toy fire trucks with lights and sirens are probably the best entertaining option for young kids. FUNERICA has a collection of premier toys to add to your child’s stash.

They have this fire truck with realistic details. Each set comes with five bonus figures that go well with the vehicle. Other features, including the extendable ladder, make the toy similar to its real-life counterpart. Kids can have a great time running their imagination wild and saving the day with this toy vehicle.

The powerful wheels of this fire truck are proof that it is made with toddlers in mind. It is friction-powered, making it capable of gliding smoothly and quickly on most hard surfaces. This action offers an opportunity to teach the little ones about cause and effect, and the repeated activity is a fun way for them to learn.

There are flashing lights inside the vehicle for a beautiful and entertaining light show with the lights off. In addition, it comes with four sounds similar to the ones real fire trucks have. The extending rescue rotating ladder moves the firefighters on and off the truck.

  • Realistic details
  • Powerful wheels
  • Comes with lights and sounds features
  • Child-safe
  • No fire engine siren sound
 Advantage:  This product is manufactured with quality plastic. Besides, it underwent extensive tests to determine its durability and safety. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing the kids are playing with a safe toy. But it is disappointing that there’s no engine siren sound, which is one of the iconic and vital sounds a toy fire truck should have.

 Disadvantage:  The realistic detail and impressive features of this truck make it an ideal option you can consider. It is child-friendly and safe, which adds positive points to why it is a worthy choice.

5. Bruder Toys 02771 Emergency Fire Engine

Bruder Toys 02771 Emergency Fire Engine

Toy fire trucks are famous, and there are several reasons why. Bruder Toys, in particular, is famous for having some of the best selections you can find in the market.

Consider this authentic and unique fire truck. The functions and appearance are similar to the vehicle you can see on the road when there’s a fire nearby. One of its functional features is a water tank attached to a fire hose, and you can fill it up with water and spray it to extinguish the fire. Afterward, you can put away the coil retractable fire hose conveniently.

Moreover, the roof ladder is adjustable and can be rotated 360 degrees for effortless firefighting action. There are also movable mirrors, openable doors, and a tilting driver’s seat that reveals the vehicle’s engine. Kids have tons of parts to explore and work on, resulting in an entertaining playtime.

The truck has lights and sounds that add a more realistic feel to the vehicle. There are engine noises, horn sounds, and an emergency siren, and it will signal the road to clear up so your little one can save the day with a firetruck in tow.

The high-quality construction is impressive. It has stabilizing legs, a crane that can carry heavy loads, and a locking mechanism for the hooks. You can expect this product to endure for a long time.

  • Authentic and functional
  • Adjustable fire ladder
  • Lights and siren features
  • High-quality construction
  • Doors are challenging to open
 Advantage:  Everything would have been close to perfect if the doors were easy to open. You might have to struggle for a while to swing it open and close, but it’ll be much easier to operate after a few days of doing so.

 Disadvantage:  This fire truck for toddlers is undoubtedly your children’s next favorite toy vehicle. The functioning water hose is a dead giveaway alongside other fantastic features.

6. Paw Patrol 6043988 Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

Paw Patrol 6043988 Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

Were you looking for a large fire truck toy? Paw Patrol can deliver the size that your little one wants. You will undoubtedly love their selection of toy trucks.

Take a look at this rescue fire truck. It comes with a two feet tall extendable ladder and mini fire cart. Tons of working features are kid-activated. Young children can lift the cabs, rotate the ladder, run four water cannons that put out the fire, and rely on the supports to stabilize the vehicle. Get your kids ready for an action-packed playtime with this entertaining toy truck.

The four easy-to-load-and-launch cannons are kid-friendly. One on the fire truck toy’s rear and the other three can be launched from the top. It is easy to operate with a simple turn of a yellow knob under the lookout cab. Other items included in the package are a sticker sheet and an instruction manual.

The ladder can extend and reach a height of two feet. Dousing the fire is convenient and fun with this feature. Kids can roll out the mini cart, open the lookout cab, and move the claw to save the day as the ultimate hero.

Playing with this toy is an excellent opportunity to role-play. The activity can spark creative and imaginative play, which can help build developmental skills. It encourages toddlers to create their own heroic adventures and learn about the world.

  • Working features
  • Launchable water cannons
  • Ladder can be extended
  • Offers creative and imaginative play
  • The ladder can be challenging to operate at times
 Advantage:  However, there is a minor problem that I want to point out. There are times when the ladder can be challenging to work, and it can be annoying and frustrating for the kids, so make sure you are there to help them out.

 Disadvantage:  Everything about this fire truck is likable and fantastic. The functional parts and features provide an exciting and fun playtime for any kid.

7. Top Race Take Apart Toys with Electric Drill

Top Race Take Apart Toys with Electric Drill

Fire truck toys for toddlers are delightful. It is no surprise that many want to get one for their kids, too. Top Race offers unique and exciting toy sets you can think about buying.

How about this 3-in-1 fire truck set? It is a do-it-yourself top toy fire truck that includes a drill. Each package comes with 54 pieces that kids can build into three vehicles: a ladder truck, rescue truck, or spray hose truck. With these options to choose from, the little ones will undoubtedly have a great time putting together and taking the toy apart.

The remote control is functional even 100 feet away. It is equipped with a 2.4gHz technology and runs on four AA batteries. The remote also doubles as a power drill. These are large and easy to grip tools, making it convenient for toddlers’ small hands.

This toy is recommended for children aged three and up. It is easy to assemble as it has clear instructions. Kids can take it on themselves or with a bit of help from an adult. They can work on the activity while using different attachments and building their own vehicle.

  • Three vehicle options
  • Remote-controlled
  • Battery-powered electric drill
  • Easy to assemble
  • The concept can be confusing for some kids
  • Vehicle moves slowly
 Advantage:  But there are two concerns I want to raise. The concept of taking apart toys can be confusing for some kids; thus, it is essential to explain it to them. Another thing is that the vehicle moves slowly when the parts are not attached properly. Make sure to check the truck when this happens.

 Disadvantage:  Does your toddler want more challenging plastic toys? Then, this buildable truck is the perfect fire truck for them. It is easy to assemble, making it doable for children to complete.

8. Toysery 55 Fire Truck Toy with Lights

Toysery 55 Fire Truck Toy with Lights

A big fire truck toy is what most kids want. One with tons of features and can offer entertaining playtime. Toysery is known for its toys that can make any child smile.

This realistic fire truck can complete any kid’s heroic firefighter adventure. In detail, it is a 12-inch long vehicle with LED lights and alert sounds. The ladder can rotate 360 degrees for exciting rescue action. The truck requires three AA batteries for a fully authentic experience.

The bump and go action delivers an extended playtime. It enables the truck to move forward, backward, and spin on most flat surfaces. When it crashes with an object or the wall, it’ll change directions automatically and continue running. Toddlers can watch everything and maneuver the car anywhere.

This toy is interactive and offers an opportunity for creative roleplay. It can assist in developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, which are crucial for a toddler. Besides, it effectively sparks imagination and delivers an entertaining learning experience

The fire truck is built with high-quality construction from environment-friendly ABS plastic. Rest assured that kids will have a safe time playing with a product made of materials free of toxins and BPA. This also makes it an ideal gift for special occasions.

  • Realistic features
  • Bump and go action
  • Offers a creative roleplay
  • Safe and high-quality construction
  • The vocal phrases can’t be heard
 Advantage:  But there is a minor inconvenience that I have noticed while taking a look at this fire truck. You cannot hear the vocal phrases clearly over the realistic sounds of the siren. It would’ve been better without it since kids will still have a good time with the vehicle.

 Disadvantage:  This truck with top-notch construction is an excellent gift for any kid at any event. The features are authentic and promise a realistic roleplay experience.

9. Forty4 GXF103 Fire Truck Car Toys Set

Forty4 GXF103 Fire Truck Car Toys Set

For your child who loves fire trucks, Forty4 has a great selection of truck toys you can purchase. Any toy you buy from them will surely bring endless hours of fun.

Consider this double-decker trailer truck. The 17-inch large truck can carry mini fire trucks and transfer them from one place to another. It is a set of vehicles that can give children a closer look at how firefighters put out fires and keep the community safe.

Each package includes a carrier trailer and four mini cars to simulate a realistic rescue adventure. There are two rescue vehicles with ladders, an airplane, and a helicopter. While the plane releases fire extinguishing agents from the air, the helicopter will rescue trapped people. These air rescue forces add elements for toddlers to work with.

With a gentle push, these friction-powered trucks can run smoothly for a long distance before they stop. Repeat the action and have endless hours of fun. The lights and sounds feature are triggered while operating the truck and can hold any kid’s attention. Always have two AA batteries to set these off.

Every detail is well-thought out to be authentic for a realistic playing experience. It offers an ideal opportunity to introduce a rescue education course for the children. All the parts of these vehicles are reliable and safe, and there are no sharp edges and corners to make sure the kids are out of harm’s way.

  • Double-decked trailer
  • Comes with two trucks
  • Friction-powered
  • Light and sound features
  • Authentic details
  • Lights are dim, and the sounds are too quiet
 Advantage:  However, there are two issues that I want to point out. The lights are dimmed after weeks of use, and you can barely hear the sound effects. Even so, it remains an entertaining set of trucks for children, which is a relief.

 Disadvantage:  Consider buying this fire truck toy for 4-year-olds. It is a unique set with five vehicles, which equals a more pleasant playtime experience.

10. BYONEBYE 19 Pcs Fire Truck

BYONEBYE 19 Pcs Fire Truck

A kids fire truck is what children want to have these days. BYONEBYE is a notable brand where you can start looking for the best toys.

This large set of die-cast vehicles is every kids’ dream. There are ten different fire engine trucks in the package: an armored car, pickup truck, ambulance, helicopter, lifting truck, minivan, and more. With these many toy vehicles, your little ones can play with their friends and the whole family.

The trucks come in different styles and models, but they are all easy to play. A slight push forward will give the toy fire engine enough power to accelerate and run across most surfaces. The rotating cab detaches with a simple turn, plus there is a handle on top for convenient transport of all the vehicles.

Each fire engine is made small enough to fit toddlers’ small hands. That way, they can hold them comfortably or put them in their pockets. The size also makes the toy perfect to play anywhere, anytime.

The toys are all made from durable plastic and non-toxic and lead-free alloy. Besides, these materials are environment-friendly and high-quality; it won’t hurt the environment and is safe for your children.

  • Assorted trucks included
  • Easy to play
  • Ideal size for kids
  • Child-safe
  • Develops important skills
  • Not ideal for rough play
 Advantage:  Playtime with these toy trucks is fun and educational. It can help kids improve their imagination, creativity, and hand-eye coordination. But parents must keep an eye on rough kids playing with this. The product is sturdy, but it can only endure light impacts.

 Disadvantage:  Take a look at this set of fire truck toys. There are many models to play with for an imaginative role-play. It is fun and educational, perfect for a toddler who loves fire engine vehicles.

11. Prextex 707A Remote Control Fire Truck Toy

Prextex 707A Remote Control Fire Truck Toy

Toy fire truck ride-on is a great purchase that children can use indoors and outdoors. Pretex is known for toys like this, and you will surely find a suitable model from their collection.

Take a look at this 14-inch fire truck suitable for children aged four to seven. It is remote-controlled and fully functional. The 30-foot radio control range allows users to operate the vehicle forward, backward, right, and left. Kids can watch the truck run from a distance and maneuver it in the direction they want.

This realistic truck comes with authentic details that resemble a real fire truck. There are openable doors, equipment lockers, extendable and rotating ladder, and detailed designs, and all these can be easily controlled remotely from afar.

The light features and siren sounds add an authentic feel to the toy. It offers an enjoyable experience that you can compare to taking a closer look at how a fire engine works. Toddlers have many parts and functions to explore and learn while also having a good time.

You can rest assured that this is a high-quality product, and it is made of durable and premium materials that can resist crashes. You can expect this truck to accompany your little one for a long time.

  • Fully functional remote control
  • Authentic details
  • Easy to operate
  • Lights and sound effects
  • Safe and high-quality
  • Front-wheel adjuster falls off
 Advantage:  The only problem I noticed regarding this is that the front wheel adjuster tends to fall off sometimes. It is crucial to check it frequently and ensure that it is intact securely.

 Disadvantage:  We are looking for a perfect gift for a child who loves fire trucks? Then, you can consider getting them this fantastic toy vehicle. The realistic details and functionalities are top-notch.

12. Daron RT8801 FDNY Ladder Truck

Daron RT8801 FDNY Ladder Truck

What are you looking for in fire truck toys for your little one? Daron might have what you are searching for. Give their collection a browse and come out with a top-notch choice.

They have this officially licensed fire truck. You are sure to receive a toy that is a realistic replica of a firefighting vehicle. That way, you’ll know that your child will have a great time taking a close look at how the rescue engine works, from the functioning parts up to the tiniest details. It is one of the most authentic ones you can find in the market.

The 13-inch long truck has a detailed appearance that can attract kids’ attention. The red and white color is noticeable even from a distance. Besides, the extendable ladder makes it convenient to swivel here and there for easy access during fire rescue jobs. These details contribute to a realistic roleplay adventure that can help enrich the imagination of your little ones.

There are light and three sound features included in this truck. The light show and sound functions will require three AAA batteries, which are already included in the package. A simple push of the button will trigger any of these features.

  • Officially licensed
  • Detailed appearance
  • Ladder can be extended
  • Light and sound features
  • The ladder detaches
 Advantage:  Toddlers can play with the vehicle right out of the box without hunting for a battery to go inside. The only issue is that the ladder can be detached. It is not much of a problem to some, but a toddler who tends to lose toys easily increases the risk of the parts getting lost.

 Disadvantage:  This ladder fire truck toy is impressively detailed and functional. Since it is officially licensed, you can expect it to be of the highest quality.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Toy Fire Truck


Many parents find it challenging to look for firefighter toys for kids. It is understandable given the many options available in the market, and without any guide to help you make a sound decision, it is even more difficult. Thankfully, we have these critical factors that can assist you in narrowing your list and eventually finding the best among the bunch of toys available.


Children are the least gentle with a wooden fire truck toy. If you want to have a toy that can accompany them for a long time, you should check the product’s durability. There is no use in purchasing a toy that you have to replace only after a month, and it should be sturdy enough to withstand rough play.


Fire trucks for 3-year-olds should be designed to hold their interest with features that are easy to figure out and play with. Your kid’s age plays a significant role in whether they will get frustrated or disinterested. Most toys come with a recommended age in the package, and it is crucial to consider these alongside the capabilities of your kid.


Older children can take on a technologically advanced truck toy. If they can handle a take-apart toy with many moving parts, they’re probably ready for a toy with more tech qualities. This is an opportunity to expose them to the basics of engineering and get them interested in it. But make sure to start simple to avoid disinterest or frustration.


A fire truck toy with sound is an example of a fire truck beyond just movement. If your kid prefers a car with tons of entertaining features, you can look for emergency lights, siren sounds, and even a working water pump. These will give them many parts to explore and operate, which equals fun and extended playtime.


Some fire engine toys are sold separately, while others are a part of a set. Deciding on whether you need more parts and pieces in the package will depend on whether your kid is ready for imaginative play. If you have a younger toddler, they might be better off with a single moving truck that they can zoom around the room.

The amount of toys being sold in the market alone makes it hard to purchase one or two. With the wide range of features, which one is suitable for your kid? The factors we have mentioned above can significantly help you out.

The Different Types of Toy Fire Truck

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Toy fire engines come in different kinds and sizes, and the difference can be subtle because these trucks are four-wheels, large and red, blaring sirens and honking horns. Here are three of the most common fire truck toys you will often find being sold in the market.

  • Conventional Fire Truck

It is a standard type of fire truck developed mainly for firefighting. This truck carries a limited water supply and essential tools and takes the firefighters to the fire scene. Its equipment includes hydraulic rescue tools, fire extinguishers, breathing apparatus, ladders, and more.

  • Pumper Truck

A pumper is a fire apparatus commonly used by firefighters to save the victims and contain the fire. It is often called the “triple combination pumper” and is similar to a wagon. Besides, it comes with a water tank, fire pump, and hose body.

  • Turntable Ladder Truck

This one is a special aerial apparatus with a large telescopic ladder that enables firefighters to access areas at a higher height. The turntable at the back of the truck mounts a large ladder and allows it to pivot, making it effortless to spray water in any desired location.

A few others like the heavy rescue vehicle, tiller truck, wildland fire engines, and more. Your kid who loves a realistic toy fire truck can probably name each one based on their appearance.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Toy Fire Truck

Is a fire truck for a child the ideal toy for your little one? How can you tell if it is worth it to purchase one as a present for them? Some new parents or those buying their first fire truck might hesitate, but this comparison can help enlighten you on whether the toy can be beneficial for your kids.


  • Remote-controlled
  • Accessory items
  • Lights and sound features
  • Ladder can be extended
  • Working parts
  • Authentic details
  • Safe and durable
  • Offers creative and imaginative play


  • No sound control
  • Some sets are incomplete

Owning the coolest fire trucks is not the only thing your child will get from owning this type of toy. There might be some disadvantages but look at the number of advantages you can avail of!

What Kind of Materials Should I Use for the Toy Fire Truck

Fire trucks toys for kids are made of solid metal, which makes them durable and can cause damage when crashing. Other models are made of good quality plastic and come with round edges. The latter is the best choice when looking to purchase one for a child. Wood is also an acceptable material to use for a toy fire truck.

How Long Does a Fire Truck Toy Last

Fire truck toys for kids’ life span can differ depending on the durability of the materials and how rough the kids play with them. With high-quality construction and moderate use, a fire truck toy can last for more than a year.


Deciding which one is the best toy fire truck can be time-consuming. But in the end, it is a worthy investment for your money and your kids. They’ll have a toy that they will enjoy playing with for years.

We hope that the content we’ve put together can help you in your search for toy fire trucks for toddlers. There is no need for you to search too far and wide when you have access to all the information we have here. You are now undoubtedly closer to finding the best toy for your little one.

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