11 Best Monster Truck Toys for Your Kids 2024 – Top Vehicles for Toddlers

For a child, owning the best monster truck toys is not only thrilling but also an opportunity to brag. They will take it with them to the park and sandpit and let other children stare in envy.

Best Monster Truck Toys for Your Kids – Top Vehicles for Toddlers

You don’t want to have your kid be one of those envious toddlers, so get them one too!

There are many toy monster jam trucks sold in the market, making it confusing for first-time buyers. You can make the process easier and more convenient by looking into these categories:

  • Functions: Does your child prefer pullback cars or monster truck toys with remote control? The function and mechanism of the toy matter not only due to preference but also on how it is built. Check the design and the controllers; these will help you land a good toy truck.
  • Materials: A remote monster truck toy is made from non-toxic plastic parts or die-cast molds. Both are suitable materials that can last for years.
  • Brand: If you want certified high-quality RC monster trucks toys, never compromise with the brands. Go for those who have been around for a long time; this says a lot about the quality of their products. Don’t forget to check the reviews and see how they handle any negative feedback. That way, you’ll know how good their customer service is.

It sure is challenging to get a hold of quality monster toy trucks. However, it is not impossible. To further familiarize yourself with new monster truck toys, read our product reviews and buying guide. We have compiled all the essential information in one place, so you can skip the research process and simply gather data. Read on!

Top Monster Truck Toy Reviews

1. Hot Wheels GCX21 Monster Trucks Tiger Shark

Hot Wheels GCX21 Monster Trucks Tiger Shark


Are you in search of an outrageous assortment of monster truck toys for a 3-year-old? There are countless options in the market, and you can find some of the best from Hot Wheels.

Take a look at this 1:24 scale large-sized monster truck. The eye-catching assortment and details make it one of the baddest-looking toy vehicles in the market. Every kid who sees this wants one for themselves, too.

The shark theme of this toy is appealing to children. It is unlike any other usual monster truck. There are teeth, eyes, and stripes on the car’s body, which gives an impression of a shark digging its teeth on the wheels. Besides, the combination of colors creates a striking effect.

This die-cast toy car looks like its real-life counterpart with four monster wheels. It is effortless to conquer rough terrain with such tires, no matter how tough it might be. Moreover, it is a car built to smash and crush everything in its way. Kids can engage in a head-to-head competition without these monster cars breaking.

  • Large-sized
  • Big wheels
  • Shark-themed
  • Ideal for any terrain
  • Packaging is flimsy
 Advantage:  However, there is a minor issue that I have observed. The packaging of the toy seems cheap and flimsy. With a careless courier, you might receive the vehicle in a poorly shaped box. The toy inside is still in top shape, so it is not much of a problem.

 Disadvantage:  Is your child fond of large monster trucks with unique themes and multicolor bodies? This one here might appeal to both you and your kids. They can run it through mega rough terrain, and it’ll take on all of it without much problem.

2. Battat BT2521Z Mini Monster Trucks

Battat BT2521Z Mini Monster Trucks


Small monster truck toys are ideal for toddlers with small hands. When you check the Internet and local stores for one, you will discover that many are from Battat.

They have these six mini monster trucks perfect for toddlers. Each one has a different color for their wheels, and the bodies have a variety of styles. With these many toy cars, kids can play with their friends or family members and have a good time together.

Children with small hands will find the size of these toy cars comfortable. It has a tiny-hand-friendly design making it easy to grab and drive around. Children can play with this indoors or outdoors, either in the living room or in the sandbox.

Furthermore, it is made of strong, durable, and non-toxic plastic material. All products from this brand have met or have exceeded the highest safety standards. Parents can rest assured that their little ones are not exposed to harmful things.

The textured wheels are anti-skid and create beautiful patterns in the sand. Besides, this makes running on rough terrains manageable.

The storage bag is an excellent addition to the set. It comes with a convenient handle that you can grab on the go for your next trip. You can also clean up quickly and store the toys when they are not in use.

  • Comes with six mini trucks
  • Ideal for tiny hands
  • Safe and sturdy
  • Textured wheels
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Older toddlers might not enjoy this
 Advantage:  But older toddlers might not like playing with these mini monster trucks. Often, they prefer larger ones. That is why it is essential to consider your child’s preference before purchasing.

 Disadvantage:  These monster trucks might be small, but they can bring tons of fun for your little ones. It is also great in introducing colors and engaging them in an educational play.

3. Monster Jam 6047175 Remote Control Truck

Monster Jam 6047175 Remote Control Truck


When looking for monster jam toys, it is crucial to find a brand that manufactures top-notch products and nothing less. When you opt for the best, you and your little ones are in good hands.

Consider this ready-to-play digger on a 1:15 scale. Children can play with this toy vehicle right out of the box and with a simple flick for the power switch. Everything you need is in here! Each package comes with a USB cable for charging the truck and batteries for the remote.

The truck features realistic and rad details that can fascinate any kid. The authentic graphics are high quality. It also comes with quality BKT tires like a chassis, which is very similar to the Grave Digger.

Moreover, you can transform the packaging into a ramp. There is a simple instruction manual you can follow to turn the box into an inclined plane. This innovative packaging design will complete your little one’s play experience and make it more thrilling.

Other than the looks, it is a fully functional toy car. The 2.4GHz dual-joystick device allows users to control up to six monster trucks simultaneously. Kids can create a rally and operate them at a maximum distance of 250 feet.

  • Ready to play toy
  • Realistic details
  • Packaging transforms into a ramp
  • Fully functional
  • Tires are squishy
 Advantage:  The only problem with this vehicle is that the tires are squishy since it doesn’t have shocks. But the soft, pliable plastic absorbs impact well, which is an advantage. Some might find it weird at first, but it works just how it should be.

 Disadvantage:  This monster truck is fully functional and features realistic details. These are two of the most crucial things that you want for your child’s toy truck. So, think about getting this Monster Jam to add to your collection.


4. Hot Wheels GCX14 Monster Trucks Racing Vehicle

Hot Wheels GCX14 Monster Trucks Racing Vehicle


One of the most famous monster cars in the market is large monster trucks. Many children want to have one. The best brand for these is Hot Wheels.

This multicolored die-cast monster truck will surely grab any child’s attention. From its personality and performance to its appearance, everything is on point with this racing car. The 1:24 scale of this truck is perfect for toddlers. You can get it in different sizes and launchers; expanding this playset is a fun possibility for any kid.

The oversized body looks similar to a real-life monster wheel. Besides, the huge tires feature cool patterns that leave a beautiful design on the sand. It is also great for climbing over obstacles and conquering rough terrains. Crushing any competing truck is a piece of cake with this impressive vehicle.

The durable die-cast metal body of this vehicle is strong enough to endure rough play. With its tough and sturdy construction, you can expect it to withstand smashing and crashing. There are incredible stats on each package, an overview of the type, crash attack, and strength of the monster truck. You can rest assured that this toy will accompany your kid for years.

  • Authentic details
  • Oversized body
  • Big wheels
  • Built to smash and crash
  • Broken parts can be dangerous
 Advantage:  However, it is always important to check the cars after each play. Inspect any broken parts since broken pieces of iron can cause injuries. Remember that most of the components of this vehicle are made of metal and not plastic. An adult’s supervision is needed.

 Disadvantage:  Add this cool-looking hot wheels monster truck to your child’s collection of toy cars. It might become their next favorite truck.

5. Toysmith 5020 Monster Bus

Toysmith 5020 Monster Bus


When it comes to finding high-quality large monster truck toys, it is crucial to check which brand it is from. If you choose to purchase your toy from Toysmith, you will surely land a good one.

One example is this yellow pull-back toy car that is five inches in length. The bright color and details are impressive and make it a realistic replica of the vehicle that takes children to school every morning.

The die-cast metal construction can withstand rough play. It can endure crashing and smashing with other metal toys and can even trample mini toy vehicles. This is a toy that can last for years of play no matter the amount of wear and tear it endures.

Moreover, it is a monster bus with oversized wheels. The tires feature unique tread that leaves an attractive pattern on the sand. It can also take on any rough terrain indoors and outdoors.

You don’t need to purchase AAA batteries to power this toy car. All you have to do is pull it back and push, then watch it race through the floor.

Children can have a thrilling fun time with this truck. It offers an opportunity for exploration and imaginative play. Toys like these encourage children to unlock their creativity and learn.

  • Vivid color and authentic details
  • Oversized wheels
  • Die-cast metal
  • Pull-back toy car
  • The door is floppy
 Advantage:  While this toy vehicle has tons of fantastic features, there is a minor issue that I have noticed. When you tilt the car forward, the door opens. It doesn’t click in place and closes securely. What you get is a floppy door that swings back and forth.

 Disadvantage:  Does your child love to watch the school vehicle drive by every morning and afternoon? Then, they’ll surely love this monster bus and all its impressive functionalities and features.

6. Hot Wheels GBP23 Monster Trucks

Hot Wheels GBP23 Monster Trucks


One of the most famous monster trucks in the market is from Hot Wheels. The brand is well-known in the industry for offering the best collection of truck toys for children. So, you might want to give them a try.

This 1:64 scale monster truck comes with four monster trucks. Each car features different bodies and wheel colors. In fact, there are 12 different styles, sizes, and themes in this collection. With the unique personality of each car, your little one will surely want to collect them all.

The giant monster truck collectible is available in 1:64 scale, 1:43 scale, and 1:24 scale. So, there are enough for your little ones to share with their siblings or friends.

The giant wheels make the vehicle’s appearance a lot similar to its real-life counterpart. It comes with tire designs that, when run on the sand, leaves pretty patterns. Besides, it takes on rough terrains without any problems.

Furthermore, its stats and details are impressive. The package shows the motor vation, crash attack, strength, and other specs that make this monster car challenging to beat. Rough play is possible since it is built for crashing and smashing.

  • Four vehicles in a pack
  • Comes in different styles
  • Giant wheels
  • Can withstand crashing and smashing
  • Box doesn’t match the vehicle inside
 Advantage:  However, there is a minor issue that I want to point out. The monster truck inside the box and the illustration outside do not match. It beats the purpose of collecting all the vehicles when it’s all mixed up.

 Disadvantage:  These monster truck hot wheels are a perfect addition to any kid’s toy stash. The vehicles are constructed to withstand your little ones’ rough play.

7. Monster Jam 6046703 Monster Dirt Arena Playset

Monster Jam 6046703 Monster Dirt Arena Playset


The monster jam toy truck is what every child wants when playing in the playground or sandpit. You’re the cool kid when you have it, and every toddler wants to be the cool one.

Get them this 24 inches monster truck playset. It offers freestyle and more ways to play. Each set comes with an arena, two pounds of dirt, four entry ramps, a scoreboard, a crushed car mold, a large ramp mold, a shipping container mold, a sticker sheet, two sculpting molds, and a giant monster truck. Everything you need for your child to have an engaging playtime is here.

Furthermore, the details of the truck are authentic. There’s the dirt-stained BKT tires that make the exclusive Max-D truck a realistic replica of the real thing. Children will undoubtedly have a great time watching this perfect toy vehicle work.

The sturdy construction is an assurance that the vehicle is built for rugged play. It can overcome all the obstacles, run on the sand, and withstand any crash and fall. This will surely brighten up your child’s car collection for years.

There are 2 lbs of kinetic sand included in the set. The synthetic dirt has a similar feel to the terrains that real-life pros drive-through. These elements make playtime more thrilling and exciting.

Clean-up is easy after each play. The kinetic sand is easy to use and clean. There is no more messy sand to clean for almost an hour; everything can be swept and wiped effortlessly without any issues.

  • 24-inch wide playset
  • Many play opportunities
  • Authentic details
  • Built for rugged play
  • With sand included
  • Easy to clean
  • The stadium doesn’t attach well to the base
 Advantage:  The only problem here is that the stadium doesn’t attach well to the base. It is vital to ensure everything is in place securely before each play.

 Disadvantage:  If you don’t have a sandpit, this toy monster truck set might be the perfect one for your home. You won’t have a hard time cleaning up two pounds of dirt after each play, that I can assure.

8. ArtCreativity Light Up Monster Truck Set

ArtCreativity Light Up Monster Truck Set


There are monster trucks that can take on any rough terrain. It would be nice to have more features to make each playtime thrilling. ArtCreativity can give you just that with its unique monster trucks.

They have this pack of four monster trucks that will surely plaster a smile on children’s faces. Each toy car measures six inches and is fitted with large-sized wheels. In addition, the vibrant colors of each unit vary. There are also racing decals on the car’s body, adding a sporty feel to the vehicle.

Enjoy the mesmerizing light show of these light-up wheels. The monster wheels feature multicolored and bright LED lights that flash. Watch kids get mesmerized with the toy runs here and there while displaying an entertaining show.

The pull-and-go mechanism makes the vehicles easy to operate. Kids aged three years and up can effortlessly maneuver this toy truck without any problems. There are no complicated controls or complex winding. Your little one will get the hang of playing with this truck in a matter of minutes.

  • Includes four trucks
  • Vibrant colors
  • Comes with light effects
  • Push and go mechanism
  • Easy to operate
  • Very lightweight
 Advantage:  But note that these monster trucks are very lightweight. It might be a problem for heavy-handed kids as they might break from too much pressure. Besides, they might not be able to endure too much crashing and smashing. If your little one tends to play rugged, this is not for them.

 Disadvantage:  These cool monster truck toys come packed in individual boxes. It means you can gift-wrap them easily and present them to others on any occasion. The transparent monster wheels feature LED lights, which are entertaining for any child who likes flashy toys.

9. Monster Jam 20103743-6053302 Megalodon Monster

Monster Jam 20103743-6053302 Megalodon Monster


Big monster truck toys look fantastic and work great at the same time. As long as you get it from a trusted brand like Monster Jam, your child can enjoy playing with a toy that is of the highest quality.

Consider this exclusive monster truck set. It is one of every child’s top wish list gifts and will make an awesome gift for the holiday season. The truck is on a 1:64 scale and is something you can not find anywhere else.

The package comes with synthetic dirt from the makers of kinetic sand. The texture and feel are similar to that used by pro drivers. Besides, it is easy to mold together and doesn’t make much of a mess. Clean-up is also effortless and a breeze.

The realistic features of the vehicle make role play more fun and exciting. The dirt-stained BKT tires and the attention to detail are impressive. It is close to being an authentic replica of its real-life counterpart.

To complete the setup, you get a ramp mold together with the truck. Children can build the ramp and jump the vehicle over it or smash it. This is a starter set that any toddler can master, design, and repeat for a never-ending thrilling playtime.

  • Exclusive trucks
  • Comes with synthetic dirt
  • Realistic details
  • Has ramp molds
  • Sand can get sticky
 Advantage:  However, the kinetic sand can get sticky. While synthetic dirt is easy to get off most surfaces, it can get sticky at times. It could be due to the sweat from the children’s hands, so make sure not to wet it further.

 Disadvantage:  This complete set of monster truck toys from Monster Jam is a great way to start a collection. With ramp molds and synthetic dirt, no playtime is boring.

10. DINOBROS 354B Pull Back Dinosaur Car Toys

DINOBROS 354B Pull Back Dinosaur Car Toys



One of the coolest toys a child can own is a monster truck. Take your pick and give it to your little one. Dinobros has a refined and unique collection of these toys.

How about these dino cars with pull-back mechanisms? Each truck set comes with four small dinosaur vehicles: a Carnotaurus, Dilophosaurus, T-rex, and Triceratops. This product is recommended for children ages three years and up.

The size is designed ideally for children’s tiny hands. The mini car measures 2.75”, which is just right for toddlers to grip it comfortably. They can run it around the house on any surface, even outdoor play on the pavement, grass, or sandbox.

The dinosaur theme of these trucks is unique. Instead of a vehicle body, you get a dinosaur head paired with large-sized wheels. It is unlike most of the monster trucks you see in the market, which makes it special.

This toy promotes parent-child interaction as it fosters their feelings toward each other. Parents can teach their little ones the dinosaur’s name while pulling back the vehicle and releasing it to race through. It also encourages creative thinking and imagination, which is beneficial at a kid’s early stages.

  • Pull back vehicles
  • Ideally sized for toddlers
  • Dinosaur-themed
  • Promotes parent-child interaction
  • The horns are pointy
 Advantage:  But there is something concerning about this product. The horns are pointy and can sometimes stab children, especially when trying to stop the car from the side or the top.

 Disadvantage:  There are many good things about this monster truck. Other than being entertaining, it presents an opportunity for parents and children to bond. This toy is also remarkable as you rarely find monster trucks like these.

11. CHUCHIK 666-47 Dinosaurs Pull Back Car Toy

CHUCHIK 666-47 Dinosaurs Pull Back Car Toy


Children have a never-ending love for all kinds of cars, especially monster trucks. They’re timeless, and Chuchik is selling some of the best you can find in the market.

They have this high-quality pull-back vehicle. Simply pull it back, and it’ll go forward automatically. The toy car can pop a wheelie when the dino’s tail is down. When doing a stunt, the spring suspension will make the vehicle fall on all four wheels.

The durable and sturdy construction is an assurance that this toy will last for a long time. In detail, it is made of durable ABS and PVC plastic that can endure a rough play or even a beating. The monster car can withstand crashes, impacts, falls, and many others. It will surely accompany your little one for years of high-octane fun playtime.

With endless play possibilities, there is no boring time with this truck set. Children can have a prehistoric battle and race at the same time. This is a two-in-one toy car that can do stunts and entertain toddlers for hours. Even grown-ups can have a good time with this, making it a bonding time for the whole family.

Aside from being fun, this toy encourages imaginative play and develops motor skills. Little ones can make up stories and make it happen with the help of the dino cars; race in an adventurous journey where dinosaurs roam around racing each other!

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Crash resistant
  • Large-sized
  • Endless play possibilities
  • Encourages imagination
  • The mouth doesn’t open wide
 Advantage:  But there is a minor problem that I want to point out. The dinosaur’s mouth doesn’t open all the way. Sometimes, kids want to open it a bit wider but give up when it doesn’t. It is not much of an issue since they can still bite on some small figures.

 Disadvantage:  Does your kid love monster trucks and dinosaurs? Then, this is the perfect gift you can give to monster truck fans this holiday season.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Monster Truck Toys


With the number of monster truck sets in the market, it is not uncommon to see many struggling to determine the best one for their toddler. Many of us wonder if finding high-quality monster truck toys for 5-year-olds is attainable. We are here to tell you that it is with the following vital factors.


Most monster trucks are made of non-toxic plastic parts, while others combine plastic and metal. You will also find die-cast ones designed to last for a long time despite smashes and crashes. Aside from the durability, it is crucial to check if the materials used are kids-safe.

Remote Control Functions

If you are getting an RC toy car, pay special attention to the controller. You don’t want the perfect-looking truck with fine details but a flimsy remote control. The remote needs to be as durable as the unit; otherwise, the truck will become useless plastic junk.

Individual or Complete Set

Do you want a single truck or a complete set with a ramp and dirt? The price range, quality, and preference all play a significant role in deciding between these. Young toddlers are pretty satisfied with individual monster trucks, while older kids tend to depend on accessories for more engagement.

Track and Dirt

If you are aiming for a complete set, check the track and dirt included in the package. Are the tracks easy to assemble and connect? Are the sand particles easy to clean? In the case of dirt, most units come with kinetic or synthetic sand for a realistic feel. It is vital to have separate storage for these to avoid messy playtime.


Never compromise the brands if you want a top-notch monster toy truck. Many manufacturers are selling their products in the market, and you want to remember the best names. They have stood the test of time and have been around for years. That says a lot about their credibility.

If you are reading this, you are taking a step closer to getting top-notch monster jam truck toys. There are other important details you need to know, so keep on reading.

The Different Types of Monster Truck Toys

Toy monster trucks are not one-size-fits-all. You will discover many different models, brands, features, and functionality in each one you will stumble upon. Knowing what the most common types are will assist you in finding suitable cars monster truck toys for your little one.

Some choices you have are between one with a pull-back mechanism or a remote-controlled truck. The difference is that the former doesn’t require batteries. Pull-back toy cars often come in a set of four to six with different color versions, textured wheels, and sizes that comfortably fit tiny hands.

RC toy cars, on the other hand, need batteries. You can run the vehicle from a distance without touching it. Whichever of these two you prefer, it will stil lboil down to your child’s preference.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Monster Truck Toys

Monster jam monster truck toys are popular playthings for children. If one day, your toddler asks you to buy them one, don’t be surprised. It might get you thinking if it is a good product for those hearing about it for the first time. Seeing the benefits and drawbacks of having monster truck toys for 2-year-olds can help you make a sound decision.


  • Encourages imagination
  • Large-sized body and oversized wheels
  • Realistic details and vibrant colors
  • Comes with synthetic dirt
  • Offers many play opportunities
  • Withstands smashing and crashing


  • Synthetic sand can be sticky
  • Packaging can sometimes be an issue

Did your view of big monster trucks toys after seeing the comparison above? There will always be some disadvantages but think about all the good things your child gets to have with huge monster truck toys!

What Is the Most Popular Monster Truck Toy

Choosing the coolest monster truck toys is not an easy task. It will always vary depending on one’s preference and suitability. But if we are to pick the most famous monster truck toy, Hot Wheels’ monster truck would be on top of the list. The first renowned toy car is bigfoot truck toys, which were also named the first monster truck.

What Are the Most Trusted Monster Truck Toy Brands


When it comes to a monster truck for kids, there are many good brands out there. This gives you several options to consider. Hot Wheels is one of the most popular and trusted truck toy makers. Other brand names you can look at are Toysmith, Battat, Monster Jam, and more. If your little one likes dinosaur-inspired trucks then, CHUCHIK and DINOBROS are the best options you have.

What Are Monster Truck Wheels Made of

When you purchase top-grade monster truck toys for toddlers, you can be assured of the quality of their wheels. Their wheels are textured and made of the same materials as their real-life counterparts. Besides, the wheels are properly bolted to the truck’s body. You can expect them to withstand years of play.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Monster Truck Toys

Kids monster truck toys are available in many places both online and near you. It is vital to purchase from reliable online stores, such as Walmart, Amazon, and Target. Going to toy stores in your area is also a good idea if you want to hold the product and inspect it physically before buying. You will also get assistance and can ask questions from staff.


The best monster truck toys are tricky to find, but that is before you’ve read all the information we have in this article. We put a lot of effort into putting it together so you won’t have a hard time scrounging the Internet. Do you know someone who will find this content helpful? Send them a link to this blog! We hope that your buying process will go smoothly and become entertaining with our product reviews and buying guide.

If you have found the best monster trucks for toddlers, share your experience with us in the comment section. We love hearing how you got your hands on some of the best toys out there.

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