11 Best Lego Train Sets for Kids 2024 – Toys for All Ages Children

Best Lego Train Sets for Kids - Toys for All Ages Children

Lego train toys have been keeping many children entertained for many years. These lego trains remain as one of the toys that are not only enjoyable but also educational. There are tons of fun play possibilities with hundreds of pieces and themes to work with.

The plastic building block is for kids and adults, practically for anyone who loves trains. It is no surprise that many are on the lookout for the best Lego train sets. But if it is your first time purchasing looking at pictures of Lego trains, making a decision can be tricky, but it’s not impossible.

Take a look at these three features you should look for in a lego city train set.

  • Tracks: When contemplating train tracks, don’t only look at the number of pieces included in the pack. Sometimes, even with many tracks, it is only capable of the basic circular layout. The types of railways are also vital to create curves, narrow loops, and switching tracks.
  • Accessories: The majority of Lego railways come with accessories such as wagons, figurines, train drivers, and train stations. It is preferable to have more accessory elements for an improved play experience. You can always add more to your existing lego city train sets since these extras are available in the market.
  • Price: Most mini Lego trains come at an affordable price tag. You can also find sets from mid-range to expensive. Always remember that a higher price doesn’t always mean the best. Don’t forget to weigh its different features and functionalities.

In your quest to find a new Lego train, we can help you make it a pleasant and stress-free experience. Our product reviews of Lego train tracks products and the buying guide that follows will lead you to the right path.

Top 11 Lego Train Set Reviews

1. LEGO 6253559 City Passenger Train Building Kit

LEGO 6253559 City Passenger Train Building Kit

Do you kid like trains and building things? A building kit could be their next favorite toy. Lego has a wide variety of these sets that you can think about buying.

Take a look at this 677-piece train set for kids of all ages. Each set comes with a motorized engine, two vehicles, signals, a platform, four mini-figures, two passengers, a train attendant, a train conductor, and a configurable circular track.

Moreover, the Lego city passenger train cabin has roof access and a cafe bar with removable tables and seats. The authentic details of the accessories and train offer an exciting and interactive play. It encourages imagination for hours of roleplay.

Using a 10-speed Bluetooth remote control, kids can operate the train on a trip around the railway. They can make it stop and pick up passengers or drop them off at the platform. It is easy to take command of the locomotive, and children can have fun while developing their motor skills.

Another good thing about owning this construction set is you can have an extended play. It is compatible with all original Lego building bricks and collections. You will always have an opportunity to have more pieces to work with for creative construction.

  • Comes with many accessories
  • Authentic details
  • Features a bluetooth remote control
  • Compatible with other LEGO sets
  • The track can only create a basic circle layout


 Advantage:  However, there is an issue with this lego model that I want to raise. The amount of tracks in the set gives you a basic circle layout and nothing more. It would be best to have more track pieces to work with for more playability.

 Disadvantage:  This Lego passenger train looks terrific. There are many accessory items to work with, and the details are authentic. The functionalities are also on-point, given the reputation of the brand.

2. LEGO 6253562 City Cargo Train Building Set

LEGO 6253562 City Cargo Train Building Set

Are you still unsure of what toy to get for your little one? Have you thought about getting them a train building set from lego? It is available in variety and comes with tons of features.

Consider this cargo train which can make your little ones feel like a conductor. The kit comes with 1226 Lego pieces, including a control center, a forklift, an armored truck, a cargo train with four cars, and rail tracks. Each pack also features six mini-figures: four train workers, a crook, and an officer. Toddlers will surely have fun building and operating their own locomotives.

The 10-speed Bluetooth remote control makes it effortless to command the motorized train. Load the train using the forklift or the crane and construct the locomotive run through the curved and straight tracks, passing by the signal lights of the control center. There is plenty of room for an exhilarating open-ended play.

Furthermore, creating a Lego city set inspires creativity and imagination in children. They can come up with scenarios like a thief robbing an armored car and a security officer racing after the crook. The possibility is endless, and so is the fun!

If you want to have more tracks to work with, you will be glad to know that this playset works with other Lego construction sets. It offers an opportunity to make kids make a more extended railway and more layout alternatives.

  • Comes with mini-figures
  • Motorized remote control train
  • Inspires creativity and imagination
  • Works with other LEGO construction sets
  • It took hours to assemble


 Advantage:  The only problem I have observed with this product is that the assembly takes hours. It can be challenging, but the process can be enjoyable and less frustrating if parents help the little ones.

 Disadvantage:  We have an excellent Lego city cargo train right here. Its features and inclusions are impressive; you can seriously consider getting this set.

3. LEGO 6213755 DUPLO Cargo Train Building Set

LEGO 6213755 DUPLO Cargo Train Building Set

A Lego cargo train is a child-friendly and straightforward toy. It is recommended to many kids not only because it is fun but also educational. Lego is the leading toy brand in the market, and there is a good reason why.

A cargo train set that comes with 105 pieces of easy-to-build parts and accessory items. In detail, it features a harbor, two wagons, a boat, two cranes, a cafe, action bricks, and 24 track pieces. You also get three figures: a captain, train driver, and shop owner, plus a bonus bird figurine. It has everything you need to set up an electric train set that your kids can enjoy playing with the whole day.

All these are possible with this battery-operated train playset, from the movement to activating light and sound effects. The action bricks laid out on the tracks can trigger the sound and lights. Besides, it can also change directions and others. With the optional app, there are even more possibilities like controlling everything remotely.

The size of the pieces is ideal for children aged two to five years. Not only that, but it also encourages STEM learning. The building blocks play a significant role in providing an exciting pretend play. It also inspires creativity, creating stories with the figures making them come to life.

Moreover, playing with this train set aids in developing fine motor skills, language, and cognitive ability. Your kid learns many things by mastering building skills and taking charge of the cargo train rolling down the track.

  • Comes with action bricks
  • Features light and sound effects
  • Encourages STEM learning
  • Inspire creativity
  • Some issues with battery contacts


 Advantage:  There is, however, a minor issue. Be extra careful when changing batteries as it can push down the contact of the battery inside the train. It is an annoyance but can be fixed in no time.

 Disadvantage:  For your kid’s first train set, this might be the best you can get. The size is perfect and the features entertaining.

4. LEGO 6135658 Creator Expert Winter Holiday Train

LEGO 6135658 Creator Expert Winter Holiday Train

Lego is offering some of the best buildable locomotives in the market. Take this a sign to browse their collection and find a good playset for your toddler.

Take this one, for example, a winter-themed train set. You can build this to wrap around the foot of the Christmas tree. No need to worry about the tracks completely circling the tree because it is designed for that, so it surely will. It doubles as a unique decorating the children can play with.

Each kit includes a locomotive, five mini-figures and their buildable micro toys, a caboose, festive green wreaths, and decorative lights. There is a detailed design in the outside appearance and the interior of the train. Mini-figures can also go into the passenger car with a window overlooking the outside.

The exciting building experience kids and adults will have with this playset is an excellent way to pass the time. Besides, it encourages creative play and exploration through the many accessories and configuration possibilities. The whole family can have fun without frustration since this product comes with an instruction manual for an effortless build process.

This creator expert kit works well with all Lego construction. Whenever you want to expand an existing set or add a few tracks to this set, you can purchase an additional playset from Lego.

  • Ideal for the holidays
  • Detailed design
  • Encourages creative exploration
  • Compatible with all LEGO sets
  • Train is not powered


 Advantage:  However, there is a small problem you should know about. The train is not powered, so children have to operate the locomotive manually. If you want to motorize the vehicle, you will need extra parts.

 Disadvantage:  With the holiday season coming, you can further spruce up your tree with this train set. The theme is perfect, plus it can be a great bonding time for the whole family.

5. LEGO 6320521 Crocodile Locomotive Building Kit

LEGO 6320521 Crocodile Locomotive Building Kit

Who said kids are the only ones who can enjoy a train set from lego? Adults can also have a fun time building Lego train 1990s out of a hundred pieces of parts. Moreso, these trains are perfect for those looking for vintage trains.

How about this 1271-piece model train kit of the classic crocodile locomotive? This is the perfect building kit for enthusiasts of old lego train sets. Adults will especially love this lego train set for their next hobby project. There are lots of things to explore while setting up this train and even after building the structure.

This buildable train brings a rewarding challenge. It is inspired by the Class Ce 6/8 II locomotive built between 1919 and 1927 for the Swiss Federal Railways. This makes a fantastic present that will bring fun and relaxation to any railway fans around the world.

The detailed design and authentic features are impressive. Each kit includes two mini-figures, tools, a plaque, and a display track. The attention to detail is exceptional as it also contains pantographs and side rods. There is also roof access to the crew compartment, where the mini-figures fit perfectly.

There is also an option to install powered-up components which will motorize the train. It is not necessary for those who want to display the locomotive, but it is an excellent opportunity to bring the model to life.

  • Ideal for train enthusiasts
  • Buildable model train
  • Can be displayed
  • Detailed design
  • Challenging to build
  • Short tracks


 Advantage:  It is not a disadvantage, but some people might find this lego train set too challenging to build. It will require patience and many hours of assembly. Since it is mainly for display, the track is short.

 Disadvantage:  Are you looking for a vintage Lego train set? Give this model train a chance to impress you with its features and details.

6. LEGO 6212646 Harry Potter Hogwarts Express

LEGO 6212646 Harry Potter Hogwarts Express

Many children love Harry Potter and its Hogwarts Express train. For your precious one who is a big fan of the movie series, give them the best train playset from Lego.

This lego model train of the famous Hogwarts Express can transport kids to the magical world of Harry Potter. It is a detailed replica complete with a Platform 9 3/4, a bridge, and removable roof and side panels.

Furthermore, recreating iconic scenes from the movie is fun and exciting, with a wide variety of mini-figures included in the pack. You get a small figure of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Remus, and the Trolley Witch. There are also Scabbers and Dementor to bring more thrill to the adventure.

There are many opportunities and imaginative play with this train set. Make Hermione order candy from the Trolley Witch or fly a Dementor into the carriage where Harry is. Reliving any moment is possible; even creating a new adventure, let your children’s creativity shine with this playset.

This lego train set is extendable and compatible with other toy vehicles from the Lego original sets. Add more accessory items or tracks; you can always expand because the more, the merrier.

  • Detailed replica
  • Comes with mini-figures
  • Offers imaginative play
  • Can be built with LEGO original sets
  • No tracks included


 Advantage:  But there is a small problem that I want to point out. The Hogwarts Express doesn’t come with a track. You need to purchase it separately to have a functioning circuit or a complete railway for the train to run. However, even without it, the train still goes pretty smoothly.

 Disadvantage:  Is your kid a big fan of the Harry Potter movies? Then they will surely grow fond of these lego trains sets.

7. LEGO 6213753 DUPLO Steam Train Building Blocks

LEGO 6213753 DUPLO Steam Train Building Blocks

Lego steam train sets are for the whole family. Everyone can join in the fun and have an exciting bonding time. So, never waste any minute and check out Lego’s website.

Take a look at this electric remote control train set. It has 59 easy-to-build pieces with 16 tracks and action bricks. Each one includes accessory items and figures like a train driver and animals. There’s also a passenger wagon and train station. Hence, your kids have everything they need for fun times.

The app functionality is a handy feature that allows users to control the locomotive through a device. Watch the train go around the tracks from a distance. Kids can also push the vehicle forward and backward, which will send it on its way on the railway. The push-and-go motor is a fantastic alternative when you don’t want to operate the train with an app.

For a more thrilling play experience, there are added lights and sound effects. When the train steps on the action bricks, it triggers the locomotive to change direction, turn the lights on, or sound the horn.

This train model is a fun kit and a learning toy that is beneficial to every child. It can inspire creativity and imagination when kids create their own stories using trains and accessories. Besides, it stimulates the development of fine motor skills, spatial thinking, cognitive ability, and language.

  • Electric remote control train
  • Has an app functionality
  • Features light and sound
  • Stimulates development
  • Has accessory items, figures like a train driver
  • Syncing doesn’t work always


 Advantage:  The only issue with this product is that sometimes the syncing with the app does not work. It is good that there is a push-and-go option, so children can still play with the train set without worrying about the syncing problem.

 Disadvantage:  This Lego electric train is impressive with its functionality and educational benefits. It offers an exciting play opportunity that every kid will surely love.

8. LEGO 6059265 City High-Speed Passenger Train

LEGO 6059265 City High-Speed Passenger Train toy

Are you in search of a Lego city train track? There are several options you can mull over. But rest assured that you will get some of the best from Lego.

A motorized engine is one of the good features of this passenger train. It can be operated with the 7-speed, 8-channel infrared remote control, and high-speed front profile. Kids have complete control of the vehicle, driving it through the full circular track and passing the station.

This buildable kit comes with three mini-figures: a cyclist, a traveler, and a train driver. Each pack comes with 16 curved and four straight tracks to create a full circular. There is a way station with a small platform and accessories, including two seats, warning signs, a crossing, lights, a bicycle, and a train map.

The locomotive details are impressive, from the removable roof with an electricity contact point, cabin with dashboard, to the passenger car with seats and table. There are many scenarios toddlers can come up with. It will encourage them to use their imagination and enhance their creativity.

All Lego construction sets are compatible with this set. You can effortlessly expand your current train set. That way, kids will have more pieces to work with, which equals more play opportunities.

  • Operate with a remote control
  • Comes with three mini-figures
  • Features a way station
  • Works with all LEGO construction sets
  • The track is small


 Advantage:  However, there is a minor issue: the track is small, and there is an option to create another layout. It would be best to have more straight track pieces for a longer path. That way, the locomotive can speed up, too.

 Disadvantage:  The engine of these Lego city train sets is equipped with lots of power and plenty of traction in the wheels. You can operate it with a remote and combine it with other Lego building kits.

9. LEGO 6059262 City Trains Train Station

LEGO 6059262 City Trains Train Station

Lego city trains are a favorite of many toddlers. From its assortment of accessories to all the layouts, you can try them. Lego is a famous brand, so it is not surprising to know that they have some of the best playsets in the market.

Each pack of this train station set comes with tons of accessories that can liven up a railway setup. With more pieces to work and play with, kids will have a more enjoyable time that can last for hours.

In detail, you get a chef, taxi driver, two travelers, and conductor mini-figures. For accessory items, there is a suitcase, sausage, newspaper, and a sign. The list doesn’t stop there because the set also comes with the main entrance with stairs, a train map, a shop with products on display, opening glass doors, and a desk and cash register.

Furthermore, the train platform features two monitors, two trash cans, two seats, two security cameras, a bicycle, and its stand, a clock, a cross-track roof, and steps. In addition, there is a food and drinks kiosk with two menu signs, a coffee machine, a cash register, four beverage bottles, a pizza, and a croissant. Children can arrange all the items however they like and switch them up from time to time.

With this many Lego pieces and figures, it encourages a child to build their skills. Besides, this set is compatible with other Lego trains sets for more play opportunities and expanded fun.

  • Comes with many accessories
  • Has a train platform
  • Encourages team-building skills
  • Compatible with other Lego train sets
  • Doesn’t come with a train


 Advantage:  The only issue here is that it has everything but a train. It is still enjoyable to play even without a locomotive, but it is not really a train station without it. Fortunately, you can purchase just about any Lego train set to pair it with.

 Disadvantage:  Building toys should come with tons of accessories, and this product right here has everything you need. Expand your current train set with this pack.

10. LEGO 9467 Monster Fighters The Ghost Train

LEGO 9467 Monster Fighters The Ghost Train

Are you in search of a playset that can bring endless hours of fun? Why don’t you check out what Lego has to offer? They are one of the top-rated toy brands, and there is a good reason why.

Consider this fighter ghost train with a unique theme. This train is a locomotive with three cars and an open cockpit monoplane that plows through buildings and streets of the quiet town of Arkham. It is ideal as a Halloween gift or decoration.

The hero airplane and ghost train are decked out with vivid colors to create a menacing look. The front of the train features a ghostly grinning face, and the ghostly green flame coming out of the smokestack adds an excellent detail to the toy. Other features are a stationary bell in front of the engineer cab and a hinge furnace door in the cab.

The kit includes five mini-figures: Ann Lee, Frank Rock, and three ghost vehicles. These can go anywhere around the train. Besides, the train has a detachable carriage and prison adorned with glow-in-the-dark features. The airplane, on the other hand, has a spinning propeller, flick missiles, and vacuum weapon.

You can expand this set with other Lego kits to have more parts and pieces to work with. That way, kids can have more play opportunities and items to mix and match around. It fits the standard Lego train tracks, so you can let it run on a railway.

  • Unique theme
  • Comes with five mini-figures
  • Expandable set
  • Fits the standard Lego train track
  • Not a motorized set
  • Doesn’t come with a track


 Advantage:  There are just some minor problems that I have observed. There is no train motor, and it doesn’t come with a track. But the kids can still play with the toy well despite these issues.

 Disadvantage:  Does your little one like ghostly trains? Then, they will surely love playing with this themed train set.

11. LEGO 6250516 Hidden Side Train Building Kit

LEGO 6250516 Hidden Side Train Building Kit

Building kits provide a pleasant playtime for any kid. If your little one also likes trains, then a train building kit from Lego is a suitable toy that you can think about getting.

This ghost train building kit is a unique playset that children will surely enjoy exploring. The set comes with five mini-figures resembling Parker L. Jackson, J.B., Jack Davids, Ms. Santos, and Chuck. It will take you on a thrilling ghost-hunting adventure.

The unique feature of this product is the augmented reality app. It combines the Lego model and game app for an interactive experience. When you scan the model train with the app, kids can interact with the model and make some things happen in the app.

Moreover, this toy set provides imaginative play. Kids can find and capture ghosts floating around the model when they view it from their Android or iOS devices. There are also in-app challenges, mini-games, and enemies to defeat. But even without the augmented reality feature, one can still have fun playing with this large model train.

  • Comes with mini-figures
  • Features an augmented reality app
  • Provides imaginative play
  • Can be built with other LEGO toys and train tracks
  • Not all connectors are magnetic


 Advantage:  But there is a minor problem that I want to point out. Not all connectors in the kit are magnetic, which is the easier option to attach the tracks. It is a combination of the ball and socket kind and only has one magnetic piece. The railways still join quite well despite that, only with a bit of challenge.

 Disadvantage:  This train set has an augmented reality feature that is intriguing and thrilling. It provides another play option to avoid any boring time. More so, there are tons of games and challenges on the app.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Lego Train Sets

Lego Hidden Side 70424 Ghost Train Express Speed Build

We have the best Lego train set list of things to look out for. These essential factors can either make or break your Lego train station purchase. Make sure never to skip any of them.

  • Tracks

When your Lego junior train has more track pieces, the train will have a longer path to run. But the number of components is not the only thing to consider; the type of tracks included in the set is essential. It also means kids can create different layouts with routes, loops, and obstacles. Choose a pack with curves so it is possible to build narrow circles and railroad switches. You don’t want to have a train set with many track pieces but is only capable of the basic circular layout.

  • Speed

A high-speed design doesn’t necessarily mean that the train has that speed to race around the tracks. For a speedy vehicle, take a look at the motor and the controls. Besides, a long train track is also a vital factor. You will find most lego train sets powered by a battery and paired with remote control. In this setup, you can control the speed of the locomotive.

  • Controls

Remote-controlled train sets are a popular choice, but there are still several models that are not motorized. Deciding which one is for your children will depend on preference. But one shouldn’t brush off the improved motor skills benefit of manual operation.

  • Accessories

Lego train accessories are fantastic to have in a set as they can enhance the play experience and improve the creative thinking process. Themed train sets have figures and accessory items that are based on the show or movie characters. Others have several included in the package, such as cargo wagons, road signs, trees, and more. If there are fewer accessories in the playset you like, you can continually expand by buying more.

  • Price

Cheap Lego train sets are easy to stumble upon. There are also mid-range and expensive options in the market. Despite wanting to save as much as possible or getting the best of the best, never settle for the lowest or highest price. When you opt for the cheapest you can find, it might not last long. On the other hand, a high price does not equal a high-quality playset.

There are other features you can take a look at and decide if it is worth having. Always bear in mind the person who will be using the Lego motorized train set. That way, you can give them a personalized and thoughtful gift they can enjoy for a long time.

The Different Types of Lego Train Sets

There is a wide range of lego train sets sold in the market. To someone who is browsing and planning to purchase their first set, it can be confusing. But worry no more, we have a breakdown of the most common types of lego trains available and what sets them apart from one another.

  • Freight/Cargo

Freight and cargo train sets come with accessories for a fun pretend-play experience. It includes cargoes they can load and unload on the train stimulating children’s imagination.

  • City Trains/Passenger

City and passenger trains feature different buildable parts. Figurines are included, which act as passengers and people on the platforms, coffee shops, and kiosks which also come with the set. Kids can create scenarios and stimulate their creative thinking skills.

  • High Speed

Does your child love it when their locomotive whizzes around the track? The perfect pair for a high-speed train is a large train track. These trains are battery-powered and come with remote control. Also, don’t be fooled by all trains with high-speed design because not all of them can run at a fast pace.

  • Steam Engines

These trains have very realistic features and designs. It offers an engaging playtime that inspires creativity and imagination.

Aside from these, you can also discover different series offered by Lego. From city cargo, DUPLO train, themed sets, and lego creator. Your decision on this will depend on several factors that we discussed in the previous section.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Lego Train Sets

For those who are still hesitant on whether Lego train kits are suitable for their kids, this comparison might help. Let’s talk about the good and the bad side of buying and owning Lego electric trains.


  • Enhances imagination and creativity
  • Improves motor skills
  • Extendable sets
  • Detailed design
  • Themes train sets
  • Easy to operate


  • Challenging to assemble
  • It takes hours to set up

After weighing the benefits and drawbacks of a lego electric train set, it is time to decide whether it is a worthy investment. Do all the good things about it overshadow the bad? Then, it is probably worth spending money on.

How Many Lego Train Sets Are There

LEGO 60051 City High-Speed Passenger Train Speed Build

There are three main categories of lego train sets. These are Motorized, Duplo, and Licensed. The motorized kind can move on its own and can be controlled with a remote. You can find newer models that feature Bluetooth connectivity and even augmented reality.

The Duplo is designed for younger kids two years and older. The block and pieces in this set are twice more extensive as the traditional style, making it easier for toddlers to grasp and hold. The Licensed train sets are themed ones such as Marvel, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. All trains and accessories are based on the show or movie.

What Is the Fastest Lego Train Set

The fastest Lego train recorded in the world reached a speed of 23 KM/H. It is even faster than the Lego City 60197 Passenger Train, which is considered one of the fastest.

Are Lego Train Sets Compatible

All Lego bricks and pieces are compatible with each other. Their train sets are consistent, and the tracks fit all types. Despite the changes in features, the track gauge stayed the same over the years. That way, it is easy to expand your collection by purchasing additional tracks and trains.

How to Build Lego Train Sets

When you purchase a train set, it will come with all the necessary pieces to create a track layout. What you get in every package is usually a toy train, tracks, controllers, and accessories. Before you start assembling the parts, make sure to do it on a flat surface. Begin with the railways, then the accessories, and finally place the train on the railway to run. It is pretty easy to build a lego train set, and some include a manual you can follow.


Finding the best lego train sets is what every avid builder and train lover wants. With many theme varieties and pieces sold in the market, arriving at a decision can be challenging. It would be best if you did some research which takes time and effort. But with our article here, we hope that we have made the process easier for you.

All Lego train sets are good; all you need to do is pick one that suits you or your little one best. How do you find this content? Was it able to answer all the questions you have about a Lego compatible train? How was your buying experience? Share it all with us in the comment section below. We love to hear from you.

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